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3 in 1 infrared lymph drainage pressotherapy EMS slimming machine (YLZ-M501)

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3 in 1 infrared lymph drainage pressotherapy EMS slimming machine (YLZ-M501)

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3 in 1 infrared lymph drainage pressotherapy EMS slimming machine (YLZ-M501)


This  equipment is a most popular multi-function weight-loss device, combined with functions of far-infrared fat dissolving, air-pressure lymphatic drainage, as well as low-frequency stimulation. Operate far-infrared heating after massage (by beautician), then start the lymphatic drainage operations, and at last use low-frequency to tighten skin, to achieve systematic and comprehensive effects of fat losing and size reducing.


Treatment Theory

1). Far Infrared
The far-infrared slimming treatment can help increasebasic metabolic rate (BMR), which is the fastest and natural way to lose weight.

As the body warms, in addition to sweating, the blood thins and the speed at which it circulates around the body increases, while the body tries to cool itself down. The effect is to raise the temperature at the extremities of the body to the same temperature at the core of the body – a temperature at which body fat can be broken down.

2). Pressotherapy
The pressotherapy, with a set of cloth-like accessory and 8 pieces of air bags, which allows for pressure by cycles or all-together for both the whole body and certain parts of the body, is a compression system designed to increase the venous and lymphatic flow and enhance extra-cellular fluid clearance.

It can helpto promote the body's natural toxin clearing functions. The revitalization and oxygenation of the tissue helps to slim and redefine the legs, stomach and arms while enhancing skin tone.
It is highly recommended for the treatment of cellulite, which is a safe alternative to liposuction. It relieves pain and swelling, and provides immediate comfort. It redefines the legs, stomach and arms while enhancing skin tone.

3). EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) 
By creating electronic pulse to stimulate special points on the body, EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) can effectively regulate bio-electric and endocrine system and accelerate metabolism, reaching remarkable effect of weight losing and skin tightening.




AC110V / 220V

Working Frequency

50Hz / 60Hz



air pressure strength


infra heating strength


electro stimulation strength


gross weight

10.0kg + 15.0kg

package dimensions

74*50*35cm + 92*48*26cm



1) Lose weight, fast slimming thermal blanket slimming
2) Accelerate metabolism slimming heating blanket
3) Promote nutrition absorbing, dispel tiredness slimming hot blanket
4) Physical therapy to cure muscle and nerve diseases thermal slimming blanket
5) Remove liver strain and unknown pain slimming body wrap blanket
6) Diminish inflammation, enginery renewal


Effect : 


Different temperature different function
♦ 30°C-35°C soothing and stimulating ,a relaxing mood ,sense of well-being.
♦ 2.35°C-40°C for increased soothing effect &muscle relaxation.
♦ 3.40°C-50°C as an adjunct to physical therapy, e.g. rheumatoid arthritis
♦ 4.50°C-60°C for increase sweating via temperature.


Different technology  different function

♦ infrared sauna clothing to reduce fat
♦ electronic muscle stimulation to tighten skin
♦ pressotherapy to do massage and de-toxin treatment





1. Service


We will guarantee the quality of our equipment, normally there is no quality problem.

1).If there is a deficiency, please email or call us on the reasons, it would be best if this can be dealt with by email or telephone. Because some of the problems are caused by using the machine in a wrong way.

2).We suggest the client to take photos of the area where the problem occurs, we will pass them to our technician , our technician will give a satisfactory answer within 1-7 working days 3.Warranty: from the date of purchasing according to the receipt.


2. Warranty


Warranty for machine body:

1 year warranty for the machine body (not including the consumables handpieces),if there have any malfuction with the machine body,factory provide the circuit board or any other accessories freely,customer bare shipping charge.


Warranty for the Handpieces:


3 months warranty for the handpices,if there have any malfuction with the handpiecs,factory provide the handpieces freely,customer bare the shipping charge. Any other non-warranty parts or out of warranty period, can also be responsible for the maintenance and updating, such as Spare parts and consumables cost, if need purchase, please contact us.


Class quality, perfect service , welcome the new and old customers to consult and order.

Erica Service for you, any question please contact me.


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