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Vertical Permanent hair removal/ (Intensive Pulse Light) IPL hair removal beauty machine

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Vertical Permanent hair removal/ (Intensive Pulse Light) IPL hair removal beauty machine

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Product Details

Vertical Permanent hair removal/ (Intensive Pulse Light) IPL hair removal beauty machine (YLZ-A900)  




Product Description

IPL light quantum skin rejuvenation machines consists mainly of optical path system, power-

supply system, computer-control system, cooling system and more. The optical path system is

equipped in the operation handle, with the rest systems installed in the main case.


Treatment Principle:
1. Skin rejuvenation principle: 
the photon energy to penetrate intact skin , and is organized in a selective absorption pigment

group and hemoglobin in the cells without damaging normal tissue , so that the expansion of

blood vessels, pigment clumps of pigment cells is destruction and decomposition, so as to

achieve speckle, whitening, redness effect.
2. hair removal works: 
photons penetrate the skin , directly to the hair follicle skin deep , destroy hair hair center , so

as to achieve the role of the skin hair removal .
3. Acne principle: 
photons penetrate the skin to reach the lesion site , with its light effects and photochemical kill

invading bacteria , to achieve its bactericidal acne , remove acne effect.
4. Anti-aging principles
Photons produced in the skin tissue photothermal and photochemical action role to promote

angiogenesis and rearrange the collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the skin to restore elasticity,

eliminate wrinkles , shrink pores . Thus play a role in making anti-aging and rejuvenation of

the skin ; photon can regulate and inhibit sebaceous gland function , thereby improving dry,

oily skin and other skin




Type of light

IPL (Intensive Pulse Light)

Wavelength (nm)


Energy density

02-50J/ cm2

Interval of Charge-Discharge

1-3 seconds selective

Cooling system

Closed circled semiconductor cooling system, 

heat and cool exchange fan

Power supply

110v/220v (+10%), 60HZ, 12A(changeable)


50*54*110 (cm)

Gross Weight



Functions & Effect

1.Applicable range

1. Effectively cure facial redness (dilation of capillary vessel), remove facial redness.
2Effectively contract pore, remove or alleviate tumefaction and scar.
3. Increase thickness of skin collagen and restore skin elasticity.
4. Furthest clean or reduce freckle, age pigment and other kinds of pigment precipitation etc.
5. Furthest clean or alleviate the pigment precipitation caused by suntan to whiten skin.
6. Smoothen fine wrinkle or alleviate facial shrinks and dark eye rim.
7. Improve the pigment precipitation caused by the traditional therapy, and meliorate minor

skin pathological change.
8. On non-facial skin: whiten body skin.
9. Skin tendering can be achieved in combination with other cosmetology methods.
10. Remove or restrain excessive hair growth.


2. Effect comparison chart



 3. Treatment characteristics :

1. Science high : non-surgical , non-ablative , non-invasive , non-invasive high-tech therapy
2. Safety: selective treatment , not to hurt the normal skin , leaving no scars , no Aftermath
3 , high accuracy : microcomputer system to pinpoint the treatment of scope, depth , strength

and effectiveness
4 , high comfort : cold treatment , mild and comfortable, go with the rule does not affect the

life and work
5 , Health high : photon sterilization, no cross-infection , no special treatment environment
6 , the efficacy of high : international technology, the full trace therapy, clinical validation ,

the effect is significant
7. Applicability high : simple operation, easy easy, suitable for mass Amy groups



Accessories Detailed

1. Accessories Pictures

Treatment handle:






3. Operation interface   

1. Open the key switch, the interface of the display demonstrated starting up,system self check

up is finished.


 2. Press “settings” to enter into the system interface:

Select language---Press “Reset Counter” to clear counts.---Press “System Setting” to set password for the machine

3.  Into operation function interface, Choose function as needed.



4.Operation formula: 

Skin rejuvenation rule: 
1).Darker skin ,longer delay ,lower energy 
2).Whiter skin, shorter delay, higher energy
3).Rougher vein,longer pulse width .
4).Smoother vein, shorter pulse width .
5).Thicker vein, longer pulse width; thinner vein ,shorter pulse width; 
Hair removal rule: 
1).Darker hair, longer pulse width; Lighter hair, shorter pulse width. 
2). Thicker hair, longer delay, lower energy 
3). Thinner hair, shorter delay, higher energy
4). Denser hair, lower energy; rarer hair, higher energy
5. Darker skin, longer delay. Whiter skin, shorter delay, higher energy.

1. Service

We will guarantee the quality of our equipment, normally there is no quality problem. 1.If there is a deficiency, please email or call us on the reasons, it would be best if this can be dealt with by email or telephone. Because some of the problems are caused by using the machine in a wrong way. 2.We suggest the client to take photos of the area where the problem occurs, we will pass them to our technician , our technician will give a satisfactory answer within 1-7 working days 3.Warranty: from the date of purchasing according to the receipt.


2. Warranty

Warranty for machine body:

1 year warranty for the machine body (not including the consumables handpieces),if there have any malfuction with the machine body,factory provide the circuit board or any other accessories freely,customer bare shipping charge.

Warranty for the Handpieces:

3months warranty for the handpices,if there have any malfuction with the handpiecs,factory provide the handpieces freely,customer bare the shipping charge. Any other non-warranty parts or out of warranty period, can also be responsible for the maintenance and updating, such as Spare parts and consumables cost, if need purchase, please contact us.


Class quality, perfect service , welcome the new and old customers to consult and order.

Erica Service for you, any question please contact me.



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