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Cleaver FC - 6S High Precision Fiber Optic Components Cleaver Small Size / Light Weight

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Cleaver FC - 6S High Precision Fiber Optic Components Cleaver Small Size / Light Weight

Country/Region china
City & Province dongguan guangdong
Categories Batteries

Product Details

FC-6S High Precision Fiber Optic Components Cleaver FC 6S

FTTH fiber optic tool kits is especially used in the FTTx solution,

combine the function of the in-door cable stripper, cleaver, cleaning, and testing.

This is a perfect tool kits in the fiber optic Installation and maintenance.

Production Parameter:

Name: Fiber Cutter FC-6S .
Suit for : Φ0.25mm& Φ0.9mm&FTTH fiber cable.
Fiber diameter :125um.
Fiber Core: Single .
Product Size: 63(W)*76(D)*63(H)mm.
Product Weight: 380g.
Pack Including : Fiber cutter,Storage case,Mannual .
Option: Change Knite:TFP-20BL, Cable Box:FB-FC6SA.


1. With the introduction of the FC-6S,solidity>HV450, Reach up to 80um ,Difficult to scratch.
2. Small size, light weight, easy disassembly.
3. Blade Life: 40000 times,long lifetime.
4. Typical Cleave Angle: <0.5 Degrees
5. Use big Blade,Rotary 12 posizition
6. More 3000times Cutting life for One Posizition

7. Use with Pre-Polished Fiber Optic Connectors.

8. Cut down on overall fiber installation cost by reducing termination time.

9. Field assembly, No polishing required.

10. Fast and easy to terminate.

11. Compact waterproof protection bag.

12. Encourages safe handling of fiber off-cuts.



Fiber Cutting Length

1. Φ0.25mm fiber cable:5mm-20mm.

2. Φ0.9mm:10mm-20mm.

3. FTTH fiber cable:5mm-12mm.


 Factory Scale:

 Total Area of: 8000 square meters

 Production Staff: 60 to 100
 QC Staff: 10 to 12
 R&D Staff: 5 to 10

 Factory history: 10 years






 Logistics Ability:

 Arrange the Mixed logistical for Election delivery as By Air and By Sea,

 over 10 years’ experience for logistical arrange.


 Good uniformity and low insertion loss

 Low Polarization Dependent Loss

 Excellent Environmental Stability

 Excellent Mechanical


 Delivery Time:

 Material Preparation Time: 3 days (or inventory)

 Production & Assembly Time 7 days

 Testing & Packaging Time: 2 days

 Total Delivery Time: 12 days in 200,000meters

  For safe delivery lead time.

 The faster delivery could be negotiable.


 1. Military communication system

 2. Passive optical networks (PON)

 3. Coal, oil, natural gas, geological exploration

 4. Broadcast television, temporary communication


Standard Package


.Carrying Case.

.Fiber Cleaver.


.FTTH Drop Cable Stripper.

.Miller Clamp.

.Fiber Cutting Marker


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