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Arise Technology Co., Ltd

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Arise Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company dedicated in providing professional LED displays and comprehensive optoelectronic solutions.

Arise Technology owns strong execution, brilliant development strategies and programs, sustainable creation based on market demand. We spare no effort to provide customers with market-oriented innovative products with good reliability, suitable solutions and all-round service. Our main products includes indoor and outdoor full color fixed installation LED display, indoor and outdoor rental LED displays, LED Mesh/LED curtain displays, LED advertising player displays, floor LED displays, stadium/perimeter LED displays, creative LED displays, mobile LED displays, flexible LED displays, transparent LED displays, high-resolution full color LED display, customized LED displays, and the whole display system and equipment. We are ready to providing LED display solutions for oversea and domestic advertisement media, building advertising and lighting, municipal administration, hospital, hotel, bank, traffic, sports, entertainment, show, exhibition, etc.Aisre LED displays are approved by CE, RoHS and FCC certifications.

We Arise Technology regard integrity in company staff, customers and suppliers as the enterprise foundations, market demands as the guide. We guarantee quality with profession and dedication and use enterprise culture to fill our brand. We keep striving, forging ahead, creating to provide customer with strong and unremitting support and backup.



Arise Technology Co., Ltd. One-stop LED display manufacturere
Skype: ariseled;
Email: info@ariseled.com;
Mobile/WhatsApp/WeChat: 008613620209526

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Company Name: Arise Technology Co., Ltd
Country: china