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3D Printer Kits, 11c / I2c 2004 LCD Module For 3d Printer Reprap Ramps

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3D Printer Kits, 11c / I2c 2004 LCD Module For 3d Printer Reprap Ramps

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Product Details

Intelligent 3D Printer Kits, 11c / I2c 2004 LCD Module For 3d Printer Reprap Ramps



Quick Details:


1.2004 LCD screen, blue and white, clear display

2.IIC bus control, it only takes two IO port

3.Controllable backlight can be controlled by jumper by program control

4.Screen display contrast is adjustable

5.5V supply voltage, the device address 0x27

6.hot sale 3D printer kit





The intelligent controller includes an SD card reader, and a rotary encoder 20 characters × 4 lines LCD display. You can easily connect it to your RAMPS 1.4 board using "smart adapter" included.


After this panel to connect your RAMPS 1.4, you do not need your computer, your SD card intelligent controller power supply. All further operations, such as calibration, the shaft can be done only by movement of the rotary encoder intelligent controller. 3D design print without a computer, just in SD card storage with G code design.


Plug and play on the ramps, but need to modify the firmware to support for Marlin, for example, the two lines have been annotated uncommented, compiling downloaded to the board can be used.





1, Interface: I2C Interface


2, I2C Address: 0x27


3, the pin definition: VCC, GND, SDA, SCL


4, Working voltage: +5 V


5, Size: 27.7mm × 42.6mm


6, contrast adjustment: via potentiometer



Common specification of product failure:


1, MEGA2560 more fault conditions, as ramps suit control board, the maximum pressure value is only 12V, external power supply has 12V, power surge or motor-driven, short-circuit limit switch will directly cause MEGA2560 fault, common faults Power module or USB module burn, you can repair solved if CPU2560 burn the proposal directly scrapped, not recommended maintenance



2, Ramps1.4 adapter plate, less failure, the common failure is high current Mos tube long working poor and burning heat, the tube can be solved by replacing Mos.



3,4988 driven, less failure, the drive burned when inserted in the wrong cause the most common connection may also be due to overload, poor thermal burn, burn the proposed replacement of the motor drive is not recommended for maintenance






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1. Convenient & Friendly Customer Service
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3. Fast Delivery Around The Globe. 
4. High Quality With Global Standards. 
5. 3 year factory warranty
6. Safe shipping way and payment











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