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RF Plate Ceramic Capacitor 5KV 10KV 12KV 15KV 150PF RF Welder Capacitor

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RF Plate Ceramic Capacitor 5KV 10KV 12KV 15KV 150PF RF Welder Capacitor

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RF Plate Ceramic Capacitor 5KV 10KV 12KV 15KV 150PF HF Welder Capacitor


RF Power Plate Ceramic Capacitor 5KV 10KV 12KV 15KV 150PF , High voltage ceramic capacitor, RF Power capacitor supplier


Rated Spec:5KV 10KV 12KV 15KV 100PF 150PF 60KVA
Tolerance:K, ±10%
Type:Plate disc type
Ceramic Dielectric :R85
Operating Temperature:-30°C ~ 85°C
Size / Dimension(ΦD×H,M):D:50mm, H:36mm, M6


High voltage RF Power capacitor Supplier, Manufacturer supply ceramic capacitors


High Power Ceramic Capacitor 5KV, 8KV, 10KV, 11KV, 12KV, 13KV, 14KV, 15KV, 20KV, 21KV, 25KV, 30KV Informations:


P/NRated SpecMax CurrentSize(mm)
 5KV 100PF 30KVA153521M6
 5KV 150PF 30KVA35
CCG81-05KV 200PF 30KVA40
 5KV 300PF 30KVA45
 5KV 330PF 40KVA48
 8KV 300PF 40KVA154621M6
CCG81-08KV 330PF 40KVA50
 8KV 350PF 40KVA51
CCG81-38KV 1000PF 75KVA308233M6
CCG140 / DT1408KV 2000PF 90KVA3014052M8
 10KV 300PF 60KVA206034M6
CCG81-110KV 350PF 60KVA6034
 10KV 500PF 60KVA6233
CCG81-110KV 600PF 60KVA206433
CCG81-210KV 750PF 65KVA257033
CCG81-3 / PD8010KV 1000PF 75KVA308533
CCG81-4 / DT11010KV 1500PF 90KVA3011044M8
CCG81-7 / DT15010KV 2500PF 125KVA6015045
CCG81-4 / PE10011KV 1500PF 40KVA3510040M8
CCG81-3 / DT8012KV 300PF 75KVA307836M6
 12KV 500PF 65KVA25 34
CCG81-4 / DT11012KV 1000PF 90KVA3011045M8
CCG81-5 / DT12012KV 1500PF 90KVA40120
CCG81-6 / DT14012KV 2000PF 125KVA60140
CCG81-7 / DT15012KV 2500PF 125KVA152
CCG81-6 / DT14012KV 3000PF 125KVA15544
CCG81-9 / PE20012KV 6000PF 150KVA6020545M10
PD70 / DT7013KV 400PF 20KVA167035M6
CCG81-3 / DT8013KV 500PF 75KVA308035M6
PE10013KV 1000PF 40KVA3510040M8
PE10013KV 1200PF 40KVA3510040M8
PE14013KV 2000PF 90KVA4514040M8
PE14013KV 2500PF 90KVA4514040M8
CCG81-9 / PE20013KV 5000PF 150KVA6020045M10
PD7014KV 300PF 20KVA167035M6
PE10014KV 400PF 40KVA3510040M8
CCG81-4 / PE10014KV 500PF 90KVA3010049M8
CCG81-4 / PE10014KV 600PF 90KVA3010048M8
PE10014KV 800PF 40KVA3510040M8
PE14014KV 1000PF 90KVA4514040M8
PE14014KV 1200PF 90KVA4514040M8
PE14014KV 1500PF 90KVA4514040M8
CCG81-6 / PE14014KV 1600PF 125KVA6014046M8
PE20014KV 2000PF 150KVA6020045M10
PE20014KV 2500PF 150KVA6020045M10
PE20014KV 3000PF 150KVA6020045M10
 15KV 100PF 60KVA205837M6
 15KV 150PF 60KVA6037
CCG81-115KV 200PF 60KVA36
 15KV 250PF 60KVA35
CCG81-315KV 300PF 75KVA307837M6
CCG81-3 / DT8015KV 350PF 75KVA8037
PD8015KV 500PF 75KVA8236
CCG81-4 / DT11015KV 500PF 90KVA3011047M8
CCG81-4 / DT11015KV 1000PF 90KVA3011047
CCG81-6 / DT14015KV 1500PF 125KVA6014048
CCG81-7 / DT15015KV 2000PF 125KVA15045
CCG81-7 / DT15015KV 2200PF 125KVA150M8
CCG81-9 / PE20015KV 2500PF 150KVA200M10
CCG81-9 / PE20015KV 3000PF 150KVA200M10
PE22017KV 3000PF 150KVA6022045M10
CCG81-4 / DT11020KV 300PF 90KVA3011050M8
CCG81-5 / DT12020KV 500PF 90KVA3012048
CCG81-920KV 2000PF 125KVA6016045M10
CCG81-9 / PE20020KV 2500PF 150KVA6020045
CCG81-6 / PEZ14021KV 1000PF 125KVA6014049M8
CCG81-7 / DT15021KV 1500PF 125KVA15047
CCG81-8 / DT16021KV 2000PF 125KVA15847
CCG81-4 / DT11025KV 300PF 90KVA3011051M8
CCG81-6 / DT14025KV 500PF 90KVA6014052
PEZ14025KV 600PF 90KVA4514052
PEZ14025KV 800PF 90KVA4514051
CCG81-7 / DT15025KV 1000PF 125KVA6015050
CCG81-8 / DT16025KV 1500PF 125KVA6015848
CCG81-5 / DT11030KV 300PF 90KVA3011351M8
CCG81-7 / DT15030KV 500PF 125KVA 150 
PE200 / PE21030KV 1000PF 150KVA6020055M10
PE200 / PE21030KV 1500PF 150KVA
PE200 / PE21030KV 1600PF 150KVA


For more products please contact us for details, AnXon provide high quality RF Power ceramic capacitors



• Low loss Class 1 ceramic dielectric materials

• Noble metal electrodes with low self heating

• Low Inductance construction, higher frequency use

• High voltage, High Reactive Power Ratings

• Low magnetic susceptibility



Radio broadcast transmitters

HF filter, By-Pass & Coupling Circuits

High power matching tuned circuits, Antenna circuits

High power matching networks, Plasma Generators

High quality medical imaging systems (MRI)

Induction and Dielectric Heating Equipment



Main Products:

High voltage ceramic capacitors
HV ceramic discs, Screw doorknob capacitors, AC live line capacitors, Voltage Multiplier Assembly, Ceramic capacitor stacks, Pulse power capacitors, HV MLCC
RF power ceramic capacitors,
Disk / plate capacitors, Water cooled power capacitors, Feedthrough RF capacitors, Tubular ceramic capacitors
High Q power ceramic capacitors
High Q multilayer capacitors, RF/Microwave Multilayer Capacitors, High Q MLCC
High temperature ceramic capacitors
200°C Radial Leaded High Voltage Disc Ceramic Capacitors, 200°C Radial Leaded High Voltage Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCC)

HV ceramic capacitor applications
Commercial/Industrial Power supplies for X-ray, Converter power systems, Medical, Spectroscopy, Power line industry
Bypass, Coupling, Tuning, Feedback, Impedance Matching and DC Blocking in circuits such as RF amplifiers, filters and timing circuits.
Live line indicators, AC dividers, grading systems for power distribution network,protection for HV switches and power circuit breakers.by-passing coupling, decoupling, multipliers circuits
High-voltage supply for gas lasers,High-voltage dividers,Marx generators,Power generators,High-voltage power supply,High-voltage coupling devices,Power line coupling system for Internet & Telecom
High Frequency circuit for electric furnace, Induction Heating,Military Project, Radar, Broadcast, Radio and Telecommunication


We provide high quality ceramic capacitors, specialized custom design and engineering, excellent customer service and quick reliable delivery times. Through the years, AnXon Cap has established a strong reputation as a quality ceramic capacitor manufacturer and supplier. Our power capacitors are successfully used in smart grid systems for customers in USA, Spain, Switzerland, Germany.


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