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FOG-B2 Fiber Optic Gyroscope For Drilling Field

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FOG-B2 Fiber Optic Gyroscope For Drilling Field

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                               FOG-B2 High performance low cost fiber optic gyro


The FOG-B2 is the interferometric digital close-loop single-axis fiber optic gyro, with the features of high bandwidth, short activation time, shock resistance, vibration resistance and affordable cost. The FOG-B2 utilizes the patented IntelliProcess technology which not only reduces the impact of the temperature but also significantly improves the bias stability, angle random walk, scale factor linearity and robustness. The exceptional bias stability, angle random walk and resistance to shock make it ideal for various industrial applications.

The FOG-B2 is your best option for motion sensing, platform stabilization, navigation and precise pointing because of its high performance, robustness, compact package and competitive price.


Technical Specifications:

Performance Specifications
Maximum Input Rate (°/s)±4
Scale Factor (°/s/bit)0.000125[1]
Scale Factor Linearity(% rms)<0.0205[2]
Bias Stability (°/hr 1σ)0.2
Angle Rate Resolution (°/s)0.0004
Angle Random Walk (°/√hr)0.005
Bandwidth (Hz)10(Highest Sample Rate 10/s)
Activation Time(s)3

[1] Scale Factor error less than 1%

[2] Room Temperature


Power and Environmental Specifications
Input Voltage (V)±5VDC[1]
Power Consumption (W)2.5
Internal Temp. Measurement (℃/bit)0.05
MTBF (hr)>55000
Shock (g)100
Operating Temperature (℃)-40~+65
Storage Temperature (℃)-50~+80

[1] The Power ripple must be less than 20mV.


Physical Specifications
InterfaceRS232/RS422 @ 9600 Baud; 16bits
Connector5 pin DIN connector
Size (mm)Φ32.0×505(cylinder)
Weight (g)About 800

























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