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Anticorrosive Protection Adhesive Underground Pipe Wrapping Tape Pipeline Coating Materials

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Anticorrosive Protection Adhesive Underground Pipe Wrapping Tape Pipeline Coating Materials

Country/Region china
City & Province jining shandong
Categories Flexible Tube

Product Details

0.635mm thickness and 170m long China pipeline Anti corrosion coating tape 


Anti corrosion coating materials is Cold applied tape coating system for corrosion protection of Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, and Waste Water underground or overhead pipelines.



The specification of the tape consists of two layers, adhesive layer and film backing

Adhesive: Butyl rubber

Film backing: Special blend of stabilized polyethylene



This product has been made by a special processing of butyl rubber to P.E. Its durability is strong and electric corrosion can be prevented. The pipe can be semi-permanently preserved which has an excellent effect on its corrosion resistance. It has a permanent and continuous adhesion effect, this outstanding combination of butyl rubber adhesion and P.E, make good weather resistance, outstanding electric and chemical characteristics and good workability for ease in both manual and machine work.


1) Anti-corrosion of water pipe, gas pipe, oil pipe, etc 
2) Anti-corrosion of electric wire, voltage and communication cable 
3) Anti-corrosion of pipe in chemical factories having severe moisture and corrosion 
4) Anti-corrosion of various pipe lines

Application temperature : -34°C ~ 71°C 
Service temperature : -34°C ~ 85°C


Physical Properties 






Total thickness

0.51 mm

0.65 mm

0.80 mm

 Polyethylene Film

0.31 mm

0.34 mm

0.39 mm

Synthetic Adhesive

0.20 mm

0.31 mm

0.41 mm

Elongation at Break

³ 400%

Tensile Strength

55 N/cm

60 N/cm

63 N/cm

Yield Strength

35.5 N/cm

42.3 N/cm

45.5 N/cm

Peel Adhesion to Primed Pipe

25 N/cm

30 N/cm

33 N/cm

Dielectric Strength

35 KV/mm

45.8 KV/mm

48 KV/mm

Cathodic Disbandment

0.24 in radius 6.4 mm

Volume Resistivity

2.5 x 1012 ohm.m

Water Vapor Transmission Rate

£ 0.1gm/M2/24h

Water Absorption Rate

< 0.10%

Recommended Application Temperature

-5 to +600 C

Max Serve Temperature

-40 to + 850 C



Available Roll Size (width x length)

2" to 32" X 50’ to 800’


How to use?
1) Pipe surface processing
thoroughly clean the surface of the pipe by removing all foreign material.
Completely remove any sharp projections from the area of the weld.
Remove all rust and/or other impurities using a steel brush.


2) Apply primer
Before application, shake or mix primer thoroughly.
Because it is highly volatile, make sure it is securely sealed after use.
Because it contains inflammable solvents, use caution when working near any open flames.
To obtain best results, apply primer in a temperature range of 0°C~25°C and for storage a

Temperature of -20°C~35°C is best.
Proper volume of primer is 100g per 1m².
When primer is applied and PE anti-corrosive tape is used, it is recommended to apply the

tape within a short time after the primer is completely dry.



Features to the Client & Industry

         Major global Polyethylene tape manufacture

         Vertical integration of our process and products

         Project management

         Products approved by most int’l standards

         2 Ply and 3 Ply calendered tape system

         Specific high shear coatings

         Proven long term performance on a global basis

         Active technology efforts to obtain certifications, approvals and working with our clients for specific applications





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