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About Us

At present,ANLERR is mainly self design and produce dry herb vaporizer,especially non-combustion herbal vaporizer.Like HOMLES pipe shape real vaporizers,CAROLA no screen lighting number shows temperature herb vaporizer,TIVA two way use(for herb and real cigarettes) heat non burn vaporizers,Koobowl glass pipe vaporizer,VIVA portable vaporizers etc.

ANLERR Can Offer High Quality Vaporizers to Its Customers.

ANLERR controls the design,material purchase,production,packing all the important progress itself.

ANLERR’s engineers are with rich experience and top tech,can design nearly perfect drawing. all the products have to pass the quality testing from material to packing to shipping.Any product must pass the highly strict quality control for material purchase,production and packing etc.

ANLERR Can Offer Perfect ODM Service to Its Customers:

ANLERR is good at offering perfect ODM service,including two cooperation way: customer design and ANLERR produce;ANLERR design and produce. It is highly confidential for any customers’ any information when both are abide to the principle. There are many large and famous companies from China and oversea find ANLERR to make ODM vaporizers.

ANLERR Can Offer No Worry After-sell Service to Its Customers.

Hot Products

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Company info

Company Name: anlerr company
Country: China
Website: http://www.anlerr.com/