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Mobile Feed Mixer Twin Augers Fodder Mixer Machine For Dairy Cows' Farm

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Mobile Feed Mixer Twin Augers Fodder Mixer Machine For Dairy Cows' Farm

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Product Details

Twin Augers Fodder Mixer Machine for Dairy Cows' Farm 




Basic specificationModelTEV-M24
Tub size7070*2660*3025mm (L*W*H)
ColorTulip Yellow
Required powerRequired power95kw
Required Tractor output speed Min.540RPM
Auger’s equipmentQty. Durable auger2pcs
Knives Qty. per augerBigger knives 6pcs, smaller knives 16pcs
GearboxTypeDurable planetary
Unloading unitTypeHydraulic unloading door
Electronic Weighting systemQty. of Weighting program15pcs
LCD display1pcs
Warning stickersLife safety warning unit1set
Safe operation warning1set






PAFIC Eco Vertical feed mixer is an ideal solution for increasing milk production, keeping animals healthy, and lowering the management cost for farms that have cows, beef cattle, etc.


PAFIC Eco Vertical feed mixer is built with advanced technology from the famous agricultural machine manufacturer in the Netherlands. It serves for more than 1000 customers with its simples design, high quality, easy operation, stable performance and low maintenance.


Fodder moves up and down with the vertical helical auger, meanwhile serrated knives cut the fodder into required length and mix the feed totally. When animals eat such totally mixed and airy feed, they will get same nutrition in each bite.


Less labor and less medical cost is needed when you using a vertical feed mixer.

Durable gearbox makes a long life time and less power need compared to the horizontal mixer feeders.





Cow farms , beef cattle farms , dairy farms , sheep properties , sheep stations , deer farms


Competitive Advantage:

Durable auger with long-life serrated cutting knives, mixing and cutting fully.

Large transparent sight glass for inspection of oil of the gearbox, to know the oil level easily .

Unloading door with protective system , so when put out the feed , cow can eat safely.

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