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whitening patch glutathione patch

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glutathione patch,skin lightening/whitening patch


A. Composition: 150mg glutathione patch with 90mg vitamin C


B. Function- This patches are the most effective source of pure Glutathione currently on the market to ensure absorption, way more effective then capsules..Glutathione is the body’s master antioxidant and helps to detoxify the body and neutralize free radicals while supporting the immune system.


C.SAFE - This patches are safe and have no side effects, Made in China, With high quality ingredients.

D. BENEFICIARY -It also adds vital Nutrition's to your body.

E DIRECTIONS - Easy to use, not bulky or noticeable on body, Apply the patches to clean, dry skin in the morning. Patches may be worn for up to 24 hours before discarding. Keep well hydrated while using this product.

F.OBJECTIVE - Lightens your skin without bleaching it.


Make sure to keep an eye on the skin surface where you apply the patch.. if you happen to see rash developing at the site of the patch you must either cease using the patch or rotate to a different body part.

Glutathione health benefits far outweigh the very slight chance of any reactions.You will have healthier whiter skin ,develop healthier organs,stronger cells,and potentially ward off the effects of aging.Glutathione is one of the safest supplements you can take.Using one glutathione patch will increase your benefits while reducing your chances of any kind of allergic reaction.


Since glutathione is an antioxidant,you may feel an improvement in your levels of energy and general well being.Because glutathione helps to remove toxins from the body,you may experience detoxification symptoms such as a sore throat,headache,fatigue or nausea.If this occurs,simply remove the patch and drink extra water.


Introduction about glutathione


Glutathione is a protein composed of three amino acids: cystein, glutamic acid,and glycine. Glutathione exists in almost every cell of the body .The presence of glutathione is required to maintain the normal function of the immune system .It is master anti-oxidant of the body that aids in free radical scavenging,immune boosting and detoxification of the body .



Glutathione is an essential component of your cells,with low glutathione levels,cells can not perform many of their functions properly.Although glutathione functions in dozens of roles in our metabolism,the major functions can be summarized in four areas:

  • It is the major antioxidant produced by the body. Antioxidants such as vitamins C can not be made by your body and in fact could not work properly if glutathione were not present .
  • Our immune systems depend on a steady supply of glutathione .Without it , our immune defenses become weakened.
  • It is important in detoxifying many substances including heavy metals.It beak down product such as cigarettes and automobile exhaust as well as many cancer causing agents and a multitude of pollutants and toxins we encounter on a daily basis.It does this by binding to these toxins,and transforming them into a substance that can be excreted in urine or bile.
  • The major source of energy produced in our cells is derived from tiny structures called mitochondria. These mitochondiria would literally burn up without the presence of glutathione .



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