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Acme Sanitary Ware Co. Ltd

Acme Sanitary Ware Co. Ltd

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In1949, an outlet was established for the retailingof sanitary fixture, fittings, plumbing hardware,pipes and related fixtures and fittings. The businessalso undertook drainage, plumbing and relatedengineering work to supplement its retail operations.

In1956, Acme Sanitary Ware Co. Ltd. (hereinaftercall "Acme") was incorporated to takeover the business.

In1981, Acme had supplied American Standard to JinlingHotel of Nanjing. Since then Acme supplies sanitarywares directly or indirectly to other major hotelsand buildings in China.

Acmeis the very first company of this nature involvingin projects in Mainland China since it startedits open market policy in 1979. To cope with thesteady growth of business in China, the Shanghaioffice was established in 1993 to enlarge thedistribution network.

Withmore than 60 years experience in this field, Acmehas been successful in getting market penetrationof its products through its well-developed distributionnetwork.

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Company info

Company Name: Acme Sanitary Ware Co. Ltd
Province: Hong Kong
Country: China
Address: 1/F, AcmeBuilding, 22-28 Nanking Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Website: http://www.acmesanitary.com.hk/