C3H7N3O2 glycocyamine Super animal Feed additive guanidino acetic acid

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C3H7N3O2 glycocyamine Super animal Feed additive guanidino acetic acid

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C3H7N3O2 glycocyamine Super animal Feed additive  guanidino acetic acid

English name: glycocyamine
Synonyms:, Guanidino acetic acid, acetic acid guanidine, Guanidinoacetic acid, Guanidine acetic acid
Molecular formula: C3H7N3O2 
MW: 117.11
CAS No. :352 -97-6 
Property: Appearance white or slightly yellow crystalline powder;

The exploration and research to guanidino acetic acid which promote animal growth had breakthroughs.  Tests in a large number of standardized farms proved, glycocyamine had obvious growth-promoting effect to livestock, especially through the rapid deposition of animal muscle to improve the animal's body, has a significant role in enriching the muscle and the standardizing the size; also evidence that it significantly improve the breeding performance of a livestock.    It is believed that the advent of "the guanidino acetic acid", will make the industry out of the flood confusion of the Clenbuterol Hydrochloride which is banned, make a great contribution to the green farming!I. The mechanism   The main ingredient guandidino acetic acid is the creatine’ precursor. Phosphate creatine containing high phosphate group transfer potential, widespreadly exist in muscles and nerve tissues, is the main substance of energy supply in the animal muscle tissue. Supplementing guanidino acetic acid, the body produces large amounts of phosphate group transfer substances (creatine phosphate), supply power source for the efficient work of the muscles, brain, gonads and other organizations, to promote the steady flow of energy allocated to the muscle tissue.
II. the product functions and features:1. To improve animal size: creatine phosphate widely exists only in muscle and nerve tissue, content in adipose tissue is very less, it can promote energy transfer and distribute to the muscle tissue; compared to the control group, average daily gain increased by 7%.
2. To promote animal growth : guanidino acetic acid is the creatine’s precursor, stable performance, high absorption rate will enable the energy assigned to the synthesis of muscle tissue.  Feed conversion is lowered and therefore feed is saved.
3. The product is stable, safe to use: guanidino acetic acid is to be metabolized out of the body in the form of creatinine, no residue in the body. It effectively overcome the poisonous side effects of Clenbuterol Hydrochloride,very safe.
4. Scavenging free radicals, improve flesh: creatine supplementation can reduce the generation of mitochondrial free radical, and gain better flesh and muscle quality.
5, to improve breeding performance. It provide animal gonads with sufficient energy to enhance the sperm count and sperm motility in semen.
III. Main ingredients: guanidine acetic acid and its function enhancers, carrier.IV. Property: light yellow powder.V. Product packaging: 25kg/paper durm.VI. Storage: Sealed and stored in the dark, cool and dry environment.VII. The product shelf life: 18 months.
Tips:1) guanidine acetic acid is a substance of animal and human body's own existence, played an important role in the biosynthesis of creatine.2) guanidine acetic acid is an antimicrobial agent, against Staphylococcus aureus, the effect is obvious.3) Guanidine acetic acid as an energy enhancer, increase body energy. Especially for people engaged in high physical strength and long time work, it can delay the fatigue and increase exercise intensity. It has the roles of creatine but no creatine side effects. According to customer information, guanidine acetic acid can be used with betaine as food additive for treatment of myasthenia gravis.4) Guanidine acetic acid is an intermediate of creatine synthesis. Squint base of arginine and glycine synthesize in vivo, further accept methyl transferase and generates Creatine. Long boiling with dilute hydrochloric acid, or with concentrated sulfuric acid incubation can quantitatively generate guanidine stem B lactam.5), Creatine phosphate is formed from creatine and ATP, creatine is formed from methionine tranfer methy to guanidinoacetic acid, which is generated from amidine transfer between arginine and glycine. Involved in the process, glycine, arginine, methionine and glycocyamine is effective for improving muscle function.6) Effect of guanidine acetic acid as a feed additive: research of Degussa company reported, when the chicken feed add 0.92kg / t of guanidine acetic acid, fed 42 days, compared with the control group, weight gain of 7% is expected, feed conversion ratio decreased by 6%. The increase in body weight lies mainly in muscle, not fat or water. Even if the amount of added acid guanidine only 0.32kg / ton,after 42 days ,3% weight is gained, feed conversion ratio decreased 3%. If add 0.4kg / tons of sarcosine instead, the same experimental period did not observe any difference in weight and feed conversion rate compared with the control group.

Used as Feed additive, pharmaceutical raw material, nutritional supplements ingredients



Guanidino acetic acid 


glycocyamine, acetic acid guanidine, Guanidine acetic acid 

CAS No. 

352 -97-6

Molecular formula: 




Melting point 

265 ° C 

Heavy metals

≤ 10pp;


≤ 1ppm

Loss on drying 

≤ 0.5%;

Residue on ignition

≤ 0.2%;


≥ 99.0%

total bacteria

≤ 1000  / g;

berry bacteria

≤ 100 / g; 

E. coli 

can not be detected







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