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Rigol, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as: RIGOL) announced that it will launch VB1032 bridge January 1, 2016. DSA VB1032 can be used in conjunction with RIGOL of 800, DSA1000 series with built-in tracking the source -TG spectrum analyzer to the DUT antenna resonant frequency, etc., and related parameters S11 return loss, reflection coefficient, VSWR, etc. measurements. VB1032 has better directivity index (10MHz to 3.2GHz:> = 30dB), to better meet the needs of users of the reflection parameter measurement, has a broad application space.

The traditional S-parameter measurements using a network analyzer to carry out, but the network analyzer is usually expensive, its popularity and use far less frequency spectrum analyzer. In recent years, frequently shot RIGOL spectrum analyzer in the field, the introduction of spectrum analyzers million starting price, greatly accelerated the pace of the popularity spectrum analyzer, spectrum analyzer enable hardware engineers have become a necessary measuring equipment.

DSA800-TG and DSA1000-TG series can realize filters, cables, amplifiers and other transmission characteristics of frequency response test with built-in tracking the source of the reflection characteristics of the test, you need to use an external measuring bridge or directional coupler achieve. Bridge and spectrum analyzers constitutes a scalar network analysis system, you can port DUT (DUT) for quick measure return loss, VSWR, reflection coefficient and the like.

This approach allows you to buy spectrum analyzer which can measure the characteristics of the signal, and can measure the transmission and scalar properties of emission devices, greatly improving the efficiency of the instrument.

Figure I: VB1032 bridge

Second Figure: VB1032 VSWR bridge used in the spectrum analyzer

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