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Address: 363/404,xihu east rd., wuxi city, china

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Aman machinery is professional in supplying plastic packaging machine and moulds. Such as, plastic extrusion blow mould or injection blow mould, or pet stretch blow mould. Different kinds of injection mould such as pet perform mould, or precision cap mould. And our company is also supplying relevant screen printing machine, labeling machine, sleeve labeling machine, and auxiliary such as crusher, auto loading system, drying system, mould temp, controller, Robert etc.

Our approach is based first on understanding which is the customer requirements, and then on proposing the manufacturing scenario that better satisfies them, taking into account factors such as mould cost, energy savings and flexibility demand.

The industries we serve include beverage, food, cosmetic, commodity, medical, automotive, and manufacturers of small and major appliances. Our global client list includes Bangladesh, New Zealand, Portugal, Malaysia, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, India, Japan, Oman, Iran, UAE, Mexico, Argentina, Algeria Egypt, etc.

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City: wuxi
Province: jiangsu
Country: china
Address: 363/404,xihu east rd., wuxi city, china