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OEM Aluminium Industrial Profile Anodized Aluminium Tube For Square Tube Connector

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OEM Aluminium Industrial Profile Anodized Aluminium Tube For Square Tube Connector

Country/Region china
City & Province foshan guangdong
Categories Door Catches & Door Closers

Product Details

Aluminum tube and anodized aluminium tube for Industrial Aluminium square tube connector


Product Specification

Aluminum Tube And Anodized Aluminium Tube For Industrial Aluminium Square Tube Connector

Implements National StandardGB5237.6-2012
Material Thickness(t)t=1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 mm,etc
Surface TextureAnodizing; Electrolytic coated; Power coated; PCDF coated; Timben texture
MaterialAluminum Alloy 6063, 6060. 6005, 6005A, etc
Annealing TreatmentF, T1, T4, T5, T6, T61, T64, etc
ColorAll color
Longitudinal anti-shearing value>=24N/mm




With both heat insulation system, the products are environment protected and with corresponding glass, the value canbe<=207W/M2.K
LengthNormal length 6m

1. Pearl cotton foam for each profile;

2. Wrap with shrink film exterior;

3. Packed according to customer request.


Providing colorful products with various mechanical performances to

adapt all kinds of architectural styles



The industry report


Five questions affect quality


Industry insiders believe that the aluminum alloy profiles are mainly caused by human beings, and the main problems are in the following aspects:


1. Cut corners. In order to achieve the goal of reducing production cost, the manufacturer has cut down the material in the production process, or the quality of the mould is not qualified, which directly causes the thickness of the force bar of the aluminum alloy profile to not meet the standard.


2, keep the door shut. Because the manufacturer lax for raw materials, chemical element content in the raw materials do not conform to the requirements of the regulation of content, or in USES when the raw materials for processing with impurities, lead to produce aluminum profile of the chemical elements content exceeds bid badly.


3. The measurement is not in time. When making aluminum coating process, adopted no requirements in accordance with the regulations is a solution of concentration, the solution concentration on the determination of timely, accurate, with thin oxide film, thickness can not meet the standard.


4. Mixed ingredients. Now there are a number of aluminum enterprises, rely on the consciousness of quality for the market has not yet been established, although most enterprises have the ability to produce qualified products, but some enterprises to reduce costs, low price to participate in market competition, to shorten the means of oxidation time, or in the production of raw materials mixed with different impurity aluminum recycling aluminum or components.


5. Cheat. For producers and JingXiaoZhe weight as a basis for the settlement, JingXiaoZhe and users, customers to the area of settlement, thus causing a hollar about wall thickness is also common occurance.



Corporate Introduction :


Guangdong Yong long Aluminum Co., Ltd. is located in the No. 10 (Sanjiang market) of Leping Town, Sanshui District, Foshan. The company was founded in 1997. It is a comprehensive and large-scale aluminum profile enterprise integrating the research and development, production and sales of aluminum alloy profiles. The company is leading the "Hongying" brand. Strong comprehensive strength and excellent service make Yong long "Hongying" sell well all over the country and exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, South America and many other countries.

The company has 900 employees, including 120 high and intermediate engineering technology and management personnel, with advanced and perfect design, production, testing and testing methods as well as perfect sales network and after-sales service system. The products sell well in more than 10 national and foreign ports, Australia and Taiwan areas.


Please tell us the information below, and we will give the best suggestion to you !


1. Where you intend to use the aluminium profiles?

2. If you have the estrusion drawing, send us and we develop the correspondence mold.

3. Which color you want or tell us the architectural style you like.

4. Purchase quantity. It will convenient us to give you the best price.


Welcome to visit our company !

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