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Durability Custom Wood Doors / Weather Resistance Flush Wood Doors Solid Core

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Durability Custom Wood Doors / Weather Resistance Flush Wood Doors Solid Core

Country/Region china
City & Province foshan guangdong
Categories Boiler Parts

Product Details

custom wood doors

Production Description:


Applicationhouse /resterant / high grade building
Survice Life15 years
AdvantagesDurability,Low maintenance,Lightweight
Quality controlAll the products must pass the inspection by our professional QC team
ArchitraveSolid wood (Size:70*15mm or customized)
Sample orderSupply
Surface TreatmentFinish painting/malamine/wood veneer



Hollow core doors are lighter. This is because the interior core of thedoor is hollow, sometimes made of a honeycomb material. ... Because these doorsrequire less material and workmanship the cost of these doors will be less expensive than a solid-core door.



Vinyl as a material has superior durability and uPVC doors resist damage by termites. They are

anti-corrosive and chemical and moisture-resistant. The high durability of vinyl gives the doors excellent weather resistance and they can withstand a range of temperature conditions.


Low maintenance is a big advantage with PVC doors. Unlike wood and steel doors which need regular maintenance, PVC doors only require a routine dusting or wiping down with soft cloth and cleaning agents.


PVC has good insulation properties and PVC door panels can contribute to the energy efficiency of a building. The doors are hollow with an insulation filling and are sealed with a tight rubber seal. Even when they are combined with glass, the use of double glazed panels can improve their insulation properties. Doors in PVC are popularly used as patio doors.


PVC doors are very low priced and provide great value considering their superior durability. The low maintenance of these doors results in further cost savings.


PVC doors are lightweight and can be installed with less effort. On a day-to-day basis, their lightweight character facilitates easy and effortless operation.


PVC is a completely recyclable material and when decommissioned, these plastic doors can be recycled for their material.


Installing hardware

It is difficult to install new hardware like locks for doors since the brittle vinyl can crack easily. Once the shutter shows cracks or other signs of damage, it is very difficult to repair it.

1. Hollow Core: Best for Price.

Hollow core doors are not truly hollow. Sandwiched between a thin press-board or wood veneer exterior is a cardboard honeycomb. The cardboard serves little purpose other than to provide structure for the outer shell and to act as a minor sound block.

Most production houses built today receive hollow core interior doors. While not the best at blocking sound or providing a solid feeling, hollow core doors are great value if you are looking to cut costs while supplying your house with large quantities of doors.



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