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After more than 9 years focusing in compact cooling industry, RIGID Technologies has developed extensive expertise in a number of thermal management areas including Compact Cooler, Liquid Chiller Modules (LCM), Micro DC Aircon, DC Condensing Units and Miniature Refrigeration Systems (MRS). Building on the company’s Research & Development and thermal management roots, RIGID capabilities include product and market research, engineering design, rapid prototyping, design for manufacturing, product development, and commercialization. RIGID Technologies has the facilities, equipment, and pexperienced staff required to fulfill exacting customer requirements and needs.
AlphaCooler Body Cooling System is designed to provide high-quality and effective personal cooling by continuously circulating cool water throughout the vest. It cools people in diverse applications, including racing, driver, Medicals, industries, constructions, emergency services, athletics, military, and people with medical heat-sensitivity. AlphaCooler makes it easy to stay calm and cool in heated situations. It is a commercial off-the-shelf product. No Maintanence. No Ice. No Hassel. It is just ready to start. 

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Nowadays, many engineers are facing the biggest challenges of compact and precise thermal management...

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Company Name: RIGID HVAC CO. LTD
Country: China
Website: http://www.alphacooler.com/