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Low Ginkgolic Acid Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract Powder Effective Dilate Blood Vessels

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Low Ginkgolic Acid Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract Powder Effective Dilate Blood Vessels

Country/Region china
City & Province Shaanxi
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Product Details

24% Flavone glycosides 6% ginkgolides low Ginkgolic Acid Ginkgo Biloba Extract 


Ginkgo biloba extract, refers to the effective material extracted from ginkgo, ginkgo flavonoids, ginkgolides and other substances. Dilation of blood vessels, protect vascular endothelial tissue, regulate blood lipids, protect low-density lipoprotein, inhibit PAF (platelet activating factor), inhibit thrombosis, scavenging free radicals and so on.


1. Dilate blood vessels, protect vascular endothelial tissue.

2. Regulate blood lipids.

3. To protect low-density lipoprotein.

4. Inhibit PAF (platelet activating factor), inhibit thrombosis.

5. Remove free radicals.

6. Anti-hypoxia effect.

7. To prevent arterial spasm.

Technical Data Sheet

Ginkgo Biloba Extract 
Sense Index
AppearanceLight yellow to brown powder
Odor & TasteCharacteristic
Physical-chemical Index
Extraction SolventsWater & Ethanol
Extraction Ratio45:1
Testing Method (TLC)Same colored sparkles appear
Analyses BasisChinese Pharmacopoeia(2015)
Total flavone glycosides (HPLC)24% Min
Total ginkgolides (lactones) (HPLC)6% Min
Ginkgolic Acid1mg/kg Max
Particle Size98% pass 80 mesh
Bulk Density0.5-0.7g/ml
Ash0.8% Max
Loss on Drying5.0% Max
Free Quercetin1.0% Max
Free Kaempferol1.0% Max
Free Isorhamnetin0.4% Max
Quercetin areas / Kaempferol areas0.8-1.2
Isorhamnetin areas / Quercetin areas0.15 Min
Solvent Residue500ppm Max
Resin ResidueNo
Hexachlorobiphenyl0.2PPM Max
Total Heavy Metals10PPM Max
Arsenic0.3PPM Max
Mercury0.1PPM Max
Lead0.3PPM Max
Cadmium0.01PPM Max
Hygienic Index
Total Plate Count1,000cfu/g Max
Yeast & Mold100cfu/g Max
Bile tolerant gram negative bacteria100cfu/g Max
Statements: Non-Irradiated, Non-GMO


1. Dilating blood vessels and promoting blood circulation.

2. Tonifying kidney and nourishing brain, whitening and anti-wrinkles.

3. Promoting cerebral blood circulation and cellular metabolism.

Packaging: 1kg/aluminium foil bag, 25kg/drum (37*37*50cm).
Shelf Life: 24 months stored in original packaging away from the light, and under the optimal temperature 10~25℃.






















































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