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0.02-10.0mm Diameter FeCrAl Alloy Strip 0Cr25Al5 For Heaters Element

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0.02-10.0mm Diameter FeCrAl Alloy Strip 0Cr25Al5 For Heaters Element

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Product Details

High Quality alloy142b FeCrAl Strip 0Cr25Al5 Heating Resistance Alloy for Heaters Element


FeCrAl alloys are characterized by excellent oxidation resistance and very good form stability resulting in long element life.

They are typically used in electrical heating elements in industrial furnaces and home appliances.


Fe-Cr-Al alloy with high resistivity and serviceability temperature than that for NiCr alloy and also has lower price.


Forms:wire, bar, strip,sheet / plate,forging,tube/pipe,etc.


Main technical characteristics of FeCrAl Alloy:



Major chemical component%Cr12.0-12.517.0-21.019.0-22.020.5-23.523.0-26.021.0-23.026.5-27.8
      Addition Nb:0.5



Component max. use temperature950110012501250125013501400
Melting Point1450150015001500150015101510
Density g/cm37.407.357.
Resistivity μΩ·m,201.25±0.081.23±0.061.42±0.071.35±0.061.45±0.071.45±0.071.53±0.07
Tensile Strength Mpa588-735637-784637-784637-784637-784637-784684-784
Extension rate%161212 121210
Repeated bending frequency  55555
Fast lift h/-  80/130080/1300 50/1350
Specific Heat J/g.0.4900.4900.5200.4600.4940.4940.494
Heat Conduction Coefficient KJ/M.h52.746.963.

Linear expansion coefficient aX10-6/


Hardness HB200-260200-260200-260200-260200-260200-260200-260


About our company

- Shanghai Tankii Alloy is a professional manufacturer of High Resistance heating alloys for more than 30 years in China. Now we can supply more than 5000 tons for different types of nickel base alloy per year.

- We can supply Ni-Cr, Fe-Cr-Al,Ni-Fe, Supper alloys, welding materials in forms of wire,strip,bar,sheet,pipe etc.

- We can also customize the goods apply to customer. Now we supply nickel base alloys for companies from USA, Europe, Russia, Ukraine, India, Korea, Iran,UK, etc.

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