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Bright Constantan Wire CuNi44 , Heat Resistant Wire For Electric Blanket

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Bright Constantan Wire CuNi44 , Heat Resistant Wire For Electric Blanket

Country/Region china
City & Province shanghai shanghai
Categories Bearing Steel

Product Details

CuNi44 Constantan Konstantan Wire resistance heating wire for Electric Blanket


Product Indroduction:
Constantan is CuNi40,also named 6J40,it is a resistance alloy which is mainly made up of copper and nickel.
It has the low resistance temperature coefficient,wide working temperature scope(500 below),good machiningproperty,anti-corrosive and easy braze welding.
The alloy is non-magnetic. It is used for electricalregenerator's variable resistor and the strain resistor,
potentiometers, heating wires, heating cables and mats. Ribbons are used for heating of bimetals. Another field of application is manufacturing of thermocouples because it develops a high electromotive force (EMF) in association with others metals.
Material Composition:

Chemical Composition:

NameCodeMain Composition%

Physical Properties:

NameCodeDensity (g/mm2)Max.Working Temp.(°C)

wires:0.018-10mm Ribbons:0.05*0.2-2.0*6.0mm
Strips:0.5*5.0-5.0*250mm Bars:D10-100mm
1.FeCrAl wire strip includes: OCr13Al4,OCr19Al3,OCr21Al4,OCr20Al5,OCr25Al5,OCr21Al6,OCr21Al6Nb,OCr27Al7Mo2.
2.Nickel chrome wire Strip Bar includes: Cr25Ni20,Cr20Ni35,Cr15Ni60,Cr20Ni80.
3.Copper Nickel wire Strip includes:
4.Constantan wire includes:

5.Manganin wire:


Main Advantage and Application
It widely used in surtur and sulfide environment and producing industrial electric furnace, household electrical appliance and far infrared ray device.
Low price with high electric resistance, low temperature cofficient of resistance, high working temperature and good corrosion resistance under high temperature especially.

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2) Mill test certificate will be provided after production, If it is necessary.
3) Good packing methods to keep goods no damage during delivery
4) We cooperate with many famous forwarder, will try our best to choose the safty, convenience, quick, and cheap mode of transportation for our customers.

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