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Bright Color Thermal Spray Wire , Ni95al5 Nickel Aluminum Wire For Film Capacitor

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Bright Color Thermal Spray Wire , Ni95al5 Nickel Aluminum Wire For Film Capacitor

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City & Province shanghai shanghai
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Product Details

Thermal arc spray wire standard Ni95Al5 alloy wire in spool for film capacitor


Product Description

Ni95Al5 Thermal Spray Alloy Wire with lower price

(Common name:NiAl 95-5, Nickel Aluminum 95/5,N9,Ni95Al5,95/5 Nickel Aluminum(TAFA 75B),F-80NA Nickel Aluminium 95/5)


This alloy is a nickel aluminium alloy characterized by dense coating,high temperature oxidation resistance, heat shock resistance and scratch resistance.This wire has stable chemical composition, low oxgen and high bonding strength.


Typical applications for NiAl 95/5 (TAFA 75B)are widely used in arc and flange flame spray systems, Coatings to resist heat and prevent scaling of conventional low alloy steels,Bond coats for improving the adhesion of top coatings,Coatings on moulds in the glass industry.



Chemical Composition , %
Total Others 




Mechanical Properties
Typical Hardness
HRB 75
Bond Strength
10,000 psi
Deposit Rate
10 lbs/hr/100A
Solid Wire
1.6mm, 2.0mm, 3.175mm
Package Size
10kg, 15kg, or up to customers' demand




High mechanical properties
High corrosion resistance
High temperature coefficient of electrical resistance




—For vacuum coating
—For making valves grid, inner components of vacuum valves
—Components insides the electron tubes
—For making lead, supporting wire
—For Electronic components
—For battery production
—Strong base of the filter
—manufacture of connections for heating elements as well as heating spirals in spark-plugs




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