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Founded in 1979, NANJING FORHATION GROUP engages mainly in the marketing and distributing of animal feed additives, veterinary drugs, pharmaceuticals and other products. After many years' development, now there are 20-plus factories and daughter companies wholly-owned or majority-owned by the company. As a modern enterprise combining trade with industry and technology, her business covers such fields as international and domestic trade, finance, design, manufacturing, storage and freight forwarding. In 2008, NANJING FORHATION GROUP has a total turnover volume exceeded USD2 billion, and "FORHATION" brand is on the list of "Second Lot Famous Brand Export Products To Be Supported and Developed With Special Attention" approved by the MOFTEC.
FORHATION GROUP, whose headquarter locates in Nanjing city, Jiangsu province. Now she has four division products: feed additives for animals, API for veterinary, API for human and vials for finished dosages.

Hot Products

Index Company standard National standard Appearance Gray white White P% ≥17% ≥16% Ca% ≥28% ≥21% F% ...
Items Results Standard Water % 10.0 GB/T6435-1986 Crude protein % 88.4 GB/T6432-1994 Crude ash % 3.4 ...
Item Specification Protein(N×6.25 ,dry base) Min. 90.0% Moisture Max. 7.0% Ash Max. 6.0% Fat Max. 1...
Index Standard Protein(N×6.25 ,dry base) Min. 65.0% Moisture Max. 7.0% Ash Max. 7.0% Fat Max. 1.0% ...
Index P17 MESH35 P18AS10 MESH10-60 P18AS10 MESH35 P18 MESH10-60 P18 MESH35 Total Phosphorus(P)≥% 17...
Yeast Powder Contains: Rough protein ≥45%, Moisture ≤10%, Ash12% Functions: This product is a kind ...

Company info

Company Name: NANJING FORHATION Co.,ltd
City: Nanjing
Province: Jiangsu
Country: China
Website: http://www.all-feed.com/