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... InChI[show] SMILES[show] Properties Chemical formula C8H8O5 Molar mass 184.147 g·mol−1 Chengdu Alfa Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. is a leading supplier of phytochemical reference ...
Steroids Powder Bulking Cycles Steroid 17 Alpha Methyltestosterone Bodybuilding Test Items Specification Test Results Appearance White or almost white crystalline powder Conform ...
Shanghai, china
... Agent hydroquinone O-β-D-glucopyranoside,Sterilization Product Name: Arbutin Synonyms: 4-hydroxyphenyl-beta-d-glucopyranosid;beta-arbutin;4-HYDROXYPHENYL-BETA-D-GLUCOPYRANOSIDE...
Hubei, china
1. Bilberry P.E:Anthocyanidins 8%, 10%,15%,20%,25% by UV, Anthocyanins35% 2. Cranberry P.E.: Proanthocyanidins 25%,30% by UV, Anthocyanidins 25% by uv 3. Elderberry P.E.: Anthocyanidins25% by uv 4. lonicera caerulea P.E....
Shaanxi, China
Nombre del producto: Extracto de piel de uva Especificaciones: Polifenoles (UV) Aspecto: potencia de color marrón rojizo Olor y sabor: Característico Tamaño de las partículas: 100% a través de malla 80 Parte de la planta ...
Fujian, China
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