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Address: 6 Carnarvon Rd, Kawloon

Phone: 852-00-23685848

Ajoka Corporation

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Ajoka Corporation H.K.
The word AJOKA means TODAY, present, or present technology. Ajoka Corporation H.K is one of the Manufacturer in China who designs inexpensive, smallest spy cameras/ receivers / recorder in the world, our main products are spy surveillance and safety and security products.
Ajoka corporation is a sister company of 5M Technology H.K (5M Group of companies)
Our Mission is to provide the best and cheapest products to the market so every one can enjoy the same quality as Korea but spend the minimum for their protection. Most of the items we do manufacturing but some of the items we do not manufacture but we receive the best prices from our friends factories. so our company is mainly divided in to two parts one is manufacturing and the other is the trading. in our factory in main land China about 150 hardworking people are busy to provide the best quality products for the world.
Wireless mini camera and receiver and related products are our own production under our own brand name AJOKA.
Hong Kong Office:
6A Friends building Rm A1,8/F,T.S.T , Kowloon.Hong Kong.
Tel: 852-23685848 FAX: 852-23685849
Email: sales@ajoka.com Homepage: http://www.ajoka.com

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Thumbcorder ( AJ-024TC ) Is the smallest USB Spy Cam hands free Camcorder Mini DV in the world with ...

Company info

Company Name: Ajoka Corporation
City: hong kong
Province: hk
Country: China
Address: 6 Carnarvon Rd, Kawloon