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far IR heating fabric tourmaline health care therapy fabric for protective devices

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far IR heating fabric tourmaline health care therapy fabric for protective devices

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far IR heating fabric tourmaline health care therapy fabric for protective devices 



Our factory supply a variety of models from the hot cloth
Patterns: including white background gossip map, red bottom gossip map, dense black dot map, plum blossom, green cloth and other patterns, or custom pattern.
Heat effects: including weak, ordinary, strong, particularly strong four, but also custom effects.
Bottom cloth: including knitted fabrics, woven fabrics, ordinary cloth, thick cloth and other cloth. Customers can provide cloth and processing.

Since the fever series products using tourmaline, nano-functional ceramic powder and a special combination of heat-sensitive materials. In the human body under the excitation of temperature, through the transfer of the role of catalyst, thermal induction material instantaneous reaction to release heat.

The product close to wear, 30 minutes around the neck/waist/knees to produce a sense of heat and acupuncture, energy directly to the human body deep parts. Each time wearing 3 hours, can be used several times a day. (If the user wishes to achieve a faster effect, wipe the hotspot function with a warm and wet towel or wipe all the skin parts to be worn with a warm towel.)

1, chronic infectious diseases.
2, chronic heart, brain, kidney dysfunction.
3, cancer patients.
4, pregnant women
5, other special circumstances
6, individual allergies, please use under the guidance of a doctor

1, hemorrhagic disease and bleeding tendency
2, acute infectious diseases and high fever patients
3, acute severe, heart, brain, kidney dysfunction
4, patients with hyperthyroidism
5, postoperative or acute trauma within 48 hours
6, equipped with cardiac pacemaker
7, temperature sensory disturbances and wear parts of the skin damage
8, pregnant women and children should not be used
【Note】 If the local redness, burning is a normal phenomenon, the product disappears after the phenomenon of natural disappear.
Is strictly prohibited into the water bubble wash, you can gently wipe with water. Do not use detergent, bleach washing

【pay attention】
(1) If you want to quickly use the high heat effect, must be completely wiping the heat level of water, and must be close to the skin fixed;
(2) self-heating effect is through the activation of human body cell viability and local blood circulation, to promote the body's own fever, is a heat from the inside out, but not by external heat baking the skin surface, so self-release itself is not hot.

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