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Front Left Mercedes-benz Air Suspension Parts For W222 4 Matic S - Class 2223208113 2223204913

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Front Left Mercedes-benz Air Suspension Parts For W222 4 Matic S - Class 2223208113 2223204913

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City & Province guangzhou guangdong
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Product Details

Front left air suspension shock absorber for Mercedes Benz W222 4matic S-Class 2223208113 2223204913





OE NO.: 2223208113 2223204913 2223202100


Fit For: Front left air suspension shock absorber for W222 4matic 2223208113 2223204913 2223202100 2013-2016


Application: Air suspension damper for front W222 Air Strut 2013-2016


Model: For W222 4matic front air suspension strut 2223208113 2223204913 2223202100


Description: Air Suspension Allroad 2223208113 2223204913 2223202100 Front Shock Absorber for w222 Air Strut 2013-2016


Condition: New


Material: Rubber Steel Aluminum


Warranty: 12 months


Delivery: 3-7 days after receiving payment


Gross Weight: 12 KG



Product Description
Description :Front left air suspension shock absorber for W222 4matic 2223208113 2223204913 2223202100 2013-2016
Model:Air Suspension 2223208113 2223204913 2223202100 Front Shock Absorber forw222 Air Strut
OEM:2223208113 2223204913 2223202100
Material:Rubber Steel Aluminum
Application:Air suspension damper for front W222 Air Strut 2013-2016
Delivery:3-7 days
Package:Neutral Packing or As Requirement
Place of originCanton, China
Trade term:EX-WORK: FOB;
Warranty:12 months
Gross weight:12 KG





The suspension is the link between the road and the car body. The job of the suspension is to reduce, as far as possible in a controlled fashion, the vibrations from the wheel and the car body caused by an uneven road or changes of direction. Every attempt must be made to prevent these vibrations from being transmitted to the car body in order to reduce rocking, pitching and diving, avoid swaying, and ensure optimum road contact and traction with minimum slip. The suspension system comprises a range of components, including strut support bearings, springs, shock absorbers, connecting rods (coupling rods), stabilisers, axle supports, wheel bearings, suspension arms (control arms and pull rods), wheel brakes, rims, tyres, final drives and steering.


Shock absorbers and how they work


The shock absorbers reduce and slow down the vibrations from the springs, which is why technically they are correctly referred to as vibration dampers. Vibration dampers convert kinetic energy into thermal energy through fluid friction. This involves the flow of oil being slowed down by the valve passages inside the damper.


Air Shock:


An air shock is a type of overlade shock absorber that can be inflated with air to increase the suspension’s load carrying ability.


Advantages of Air Suspension Shock Absorber


1. The car can be kept on its ideal axle height independent of its variable load. Driving safety is improved due to better road handling, for example, at night keeping the same headlight position.


2. Driving dynamics, road handling and comfort are improved. The suspension is soft and comfortable during slow driving and becomes noticeably stiffer during faster driving. The suspension responds to dynamic load as it reacts to live load.


3. Better sound isolation of airbag and lower resonance frequency, which leads to a smoother and more comfortable ride.


4. Higher ability to absorb energy which means better and safer handling in extreme driving conditions.

We also can provide air shock absorber for Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Land Rover.



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Customer Feedback


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Q1:What's your advantage?
1. Resonable price ,good service
2. Reliable quality , long working life
3. Quick and safe modes of payment
4. Ships items timely and quickly
5. Best Warranty,easy return
6. Our products are exported to most countries in the world.

Q2:To which places have you exported?
North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia?and so on.

Q3:How about your delivery time?
5-7 Working days after receiving your payment.

Q4:Product categories
1. Air Suspension Springs and Shock Absorbers
2. Passenger Car Air Spring Rubber
3. Truck Suspension Cabin Air Springs
4. Spare Parts for Air Suspension Shock Absorbers
5. Convoluted Air Springs
6. Air Suspension Compressor

7.Engine Turbocharger
8. Power Steering Pump

Q5.How to guarantee your after sales service?
1.Strict inspection during production
2. Recheck the products before shipment to ensure our packaging in good condition
3. Track and receive feedback from our customers

Q6.What will you do for customer's complaint?
We will respond quickly to our customers within 24 hours.


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