Industrial 3000nm³/h Oxygen Plant /75nm3/h Liquid Argon Plant Cryogenic Air Separation Plant

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Industrial 3000nm³/h Oxygen Plant /75nm3/h Liquid Argon Plant Cryogenic Air Separation Plant

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Product Details

99.6% Air Separation Plant KDON-AR 3000Industrial Oxygen Plant With Low Energy Consumption


  • 1. Plant design basis


    2. Main technical parameters                                                   


    3.Instrument control design principle and supply of scope  

    4. Covered by buyer                                                                 








    1. Plant design basis (buyer should provide the local condition)

  • Design point of Atmosphere
    Atmosphere pressure(annual average)            101.3kPa
    Atmosphere tempt.                              32℃
    Relative humidity                                70 %
    O2 contained in air                           20.95% O2
  • Annual average tempt                                    ℃
    Max. Tempt.                                       41.3℃
    Min. Tempt.  -19.1℃
    summer average tempt                                   25.9℃
    winter average tempt                                     -3.5℃
  • Earth shke degree                                          7degree
  • altitude                                                        220m



5. Attachment 5:Scope of buyer’s preparation

5.1       Buyer should make sure that the raw material must match the quality requirement

5.2   All the parts mentioned in proposal would be supplied by buyer.

5.3  All foundation working and materials including lighting, washing room, supply/drain water device, communication, AC, fire fighting device, cable channel, cable pipe and other crane devices. 

5.4      Power supply transformer, and power protection measurements.

5.5     Cycle cooling water system including pump, cable, pipe, valves and accessories.

5.6   cooling water pipe should be set within 1 meter near the every unit.

5.7    High voltage power to the high voltage panel, Low voltage power to the Low voltage panel

5.8     All air, gas raw materials, oil, water and power consumption.

5.9   Plant painting.

5.10 plant processing materials and tools.

5.11 manually analyzer

5.12 Buyer side government certification and fees.

5.13 Buyer supplies food and living place when seller's technicians working in place.(necessary furniture, cooking stuff, bathroom, TV, communication, internet, medical treatment, transportation, office, safety goods, and working allowance, see to the payment part. )

5.14 Buyer pays for seller's technician’s VISA, health exams fee, and transportation of international.

5.15 plant custom and all export import processes payment

Busbar panel                                                         1 set (covered by buyer)

Transformer panel                                               1 set (covered by buyer)

Transformer panel                                               2sets (covered by buyer)

Air compressor power supply panel                 2 sets

Oxygen power supply panel                               3 sets

LV switch gear                                         2 sets
Type                                                                     Drawer type
Parameters                                                             380V       35KA
Qt.                                                                        ~10(incl. s/b)


DC power supply screen
Parameter                                                              DC220V
QT.                                                                       1 set (covered by buyer) Local control panel
Control panel for air compressor                             1set Expansion turbine local control panel                      2sets Liquid resisting soft starter                                     1set TSCR                                                                   2sets LV transformer(~1,000KVA)                  2sets (covered by buyer)




4. 3 Electrical system


4.3.1   Design principle control system can supervise the whole air separation plant producing process efficiently, ensure the plant running steadily and conveniently.

Provision of motor control, protection and measuring device must be in accordance with relative national standards and code. There is one HV incoming line  designed. Voltage reducing start for HV motor  to reduce impact of network and machinery. Busbar voltage is    not lower than rated 85% of it during the start of the motor. There are  two incoming lines for LV power supply. One line is used as s/b. There is local panel for motor equipment in which electric meters, signal and control element are provided. Busbar voltage is not lower than rated 15% of it during the start of the LV motor. Close loop adjustment by TSCR for electric heater of molecular sieve. Power supply:

  1. High voltage 10KV±5% 3-phase, 3-wire, neutral point not earthing power supply
  2. LV 380V/220±5% 3-phase, 5-wire neutral point earthing power supply
  3.  DC power supply: DC24V
  4. Buyer should provide relative network system drawing, short-circuit capacity, and current value for single phase earthing .

Selection of electric appliances:

  1. High voltage switch box:
    Type                                                                    Mid-entry vacuum switch gear
    Incoming wire panel and measuring         1 set (covered by buyer)

oepration platform(including processor, and I/O hardware)  1 set

terminal board and communication cable             1 set

system software(including files)                1 set

Main instrument
UPS, 6KVA,30MINS in support                          1 set
pressure difference transformor                            50 sets
kinds of regulaors                                               15 sets
butterfly valves of M.S. purifier                          10 sets
pt resistance                                                      50 PCS
orifice plate                                                       3sets
solenoid flow meter                                           2sets
analyzer                                                            4 sets
including :
pure O2 analyzer       90~100% O2                1set Other instruments:                                          1sets Including double metal temperature meter, turning plate meter, 3 valve units, low tempt. Heater, rotor flow meter, pressure gauges. DCS system(determined by t he fianl design)  1set
main hardware
oepration platform                                           1 set
oepration platform                                            1 set
printer                                                             1 set Scope of supply (determined by t he fianl design) DCSsystem is form Zhejiang Zhong Kong. UPSis form Santak. Analysis device is made in China Pressure, pressure difference transformer and flow transmitter is form ChengDu. Regulator is from SanFang Butterfly valve of M.S. purifier is forom PARKER 2 positions 3 ways and 2 positions 5 ways solenoid valves are from PARKER .220VAC/50HZ. Pressure gauges are spring pipe one. Temp. dectective is Pt100 from An Hui Local temeprature meter is double metal temperature meter. Local level gauge adopts turning plate one. Local flow meter is Rotor flow meter, and orifice plate measures the flow. Solenoid flow meter measures water flow.


Instrument selection

volume                                    30M3


Instrument control design principle and scope of supply

DCS concentrating and dispersing control system will be decided by final design for selction of the provisions. 2 operation platforms are in the operating rooms to monitor the parameters of the plant with the function of display, operation, regulation, memory , starting and protection interlock. The interlock function can start and stop the plant automatically according to the requirement, which also can be operated manually. There is 1 printer in the operation room to print the parameters and functions when the plant is running. There are Local panels for each machinery, which can display parts of parameters, oeprating, alarm and interlock. There is a analysis room. The analysis device is in the panel, the parameter is displayed, recorded and alrmed in DCS system. Instrument power: 220VAC and 24VDC. DCS system needs continually power supply. The power for instrument system is supplied by the power supply plate of the instrument system.


inlet:                                    0.01MPa(G)
outlet:                                    1.5MPa(G)

inlet tempt.:                                30℃ 

outlet tempt.:                              £40℃

type:                               vertical 2 rows and 2 stages

shaft power:                               142Kw

spare motor                               160Kw

cooling water consumption:                            ~18t/h

scope of supply:host machine;filter;buffer;cooler;motor;pipelines and accessoriesand tools


oxygen tank                                                     2 sets
pressure                                   2.0MPa(G)


piston oxygen compressor                               3 sets(2 sets for running and 1 set for standby)
manufacturer                                                   Hangyang
discharge capacity                          1500m³/h



Expanssion turbine                                         2 sets Capacity                                                          ~1,800 m3/h
inlet/outlet capacity                                            ~0.56/~0.144 MPa(A)
scope of supply:

  1. Main body                                                       2 set
  2. Brake fan                                                         2 set
  3. Filter                                                               2 set
  4. Tools                                                               1 set
  5. Spare parts                                                       1 set

Process air capcity                                            ~16000m3/h
Air outlet pressure                                            ~0.58 MPa(A)
Air intlet pressure                                             17℃
MS regeneration tempt.                                    ~170℃
Working hours                                                  4 hours

Scope of supply:

  1. MS Adsorber                                                   2sets
  2. Electric heater                                                 2sets
    Power                                                             ~200kW
    avarage power consumption                           ~80kW
  3. Silencer for vent                                             1 set
  4. M.S.                                                                ~3.5×2t
  5. Active alumina                                                  ~1×2t
  6. Valves and spare parts                                        1set



Distillation column                                        1 set

Distillation column space                             ~3500×4000 mm
height                                                                ~45,000mm



  1. Main heat exchanger                                          1 set
  2. Upper column                                                   1 set
    Type                                                               stuff
  3. Condenser-evaporator (combined with lower column)     1 set
  4. Lower column                                                   1 set
    Type                                                               Counter flow sieve plate
  5. LN2, Liquid air subcooler                                1 set
  6. Crude argon column                      1 set
  7. Pure argon column                       1 set
  8. Crude liquid argon pump                  2 sets ( 1 running, the other standby)
  9. Cold box                                                         1 set
  10. Pipes and valve inner cold box                       1 set
  11. Pipes and valve out of the cold box                1 set
  12. Cold box inner and outside valves, pipes and vessel supports    1 set
  13. cold box, ladders, railing                                    1 set
  14. venting silencer                                                 2 set
  15. liquid O2 spray evaporator                               1 set
  16. steam spray evaporator                                     1 set
  17. Expansion turbine air filter                              2 set


MS purification system                              1set


air precooling system                                        1set
type                                                                  sealed case type
Air processing capacity                                    16,000 m3/h
air working pressure                                         ~0.58 MPa (A)
air inlet tempt.                                                  <40 ℃
air outlet tempt.                                                 ~8℃
circular rater inlet pressure                               ≥0.3MPa
circular rater inlet tempt.                                   ≤30℃
cooling water consumption:                            50t/h
motor power                                                     80kW
shaft power                                                       ~70kW
scope of supply:

  1. imported refrigeration compressor                         1set
  2. condenser                                                             1 set
  3. evaporator                                                             1 set
  4. valves of pipeline                                                   1 set
  5. refrigeration self control element                           1 set
  6. electrical control board                                          1 set
  7. oepration instrument board                                    1 set
  8. water separator                                                     1 set

Gas,water,oil pipe and accessories                   1set

                                                                1 set Vent silencer                                            1 set Oil cooler                                                 1 set Valves and tools                                         1 set Spare parts                                              1 set raw material filter                                             1 set Process capacity                                               ~30,000m3/h
Filter efficiency                                                 ≥99%
Filter resistance                                                ≤0.7kPa
Filter material                                                    plant fiber

scope of supply :

  1. Filt host body                                                   1set
  2. counter blowing system and control system       1 set
  3. Filter bucket                                                     1 set
  4. spares                                                               1 set

Turbine air compressor                                      1 set
manufacturer                                                      IHISAMSUNG
Discharge capacity                                            ~16000m3/h
Suction pressure                                              98kPa(A)
Suction temp.                                                    30℃
Discharge pressure                                          0.58Mpa(A)
Discharge tempt.                                               ≤105℃
Shaft power                                                      ~1380 KW
Motor power                                                     ~1530 K W
cooling water consumption                                   ~140T/h
scope of supply:

  1. Compressor body                                    1set
  2. Asynchronous motor                                1 set
  3. Intermedium gas cooler                           1 set
  4. subcooler                                                   1 set
  5. iol supply system                                        1 set
  6. Base and achor bolts                                   1 set
  7. Safety valve,check valve and vent valve, etc.   1 set
  8. Anti-surge device                                     1 set

 It consists of all machineries and necessary pipes, flanges and anchor bolts. sets of valves between each machinery 


water consumption(T/H)


Raw air compressor



Air precooling unit



Oxygen compressor


2sets running and 1 set for standby





3. supply of scope

 Introduction of supply of scope






Raw air compressor




Air precooling unit




electrical heater of purifier system




Instrument control system




Oxygen compressor




Unit power consumption(calcltated by shaft power, excluding oxygen compressor and utilities)about 0.51KW.H/Nm3

cooling water consumption

air compressor pressure                                       ~0.58MPa(A)

                       inlet temp.                                                         32℃

running periodbetween 2 times defrosting )           > 2 years defrosting time                                                  ~36 hours starting time( from start the turbine to get the production)       ~36hours POWER CONSUMPTION





2.main parameter

Capacity and purity (out of  cold box):








99.6% O2

Pure liquid argon



≤2 ppm O2,≤3 ppm N2


raw material air parameter:
air comrepssor capacity                                       ~16000 Nm3/h Recycling cooling water:
tempt.                                                          32℃
inlet/ outlet pressure                                      0.4/0.2MPa(G) Power:
high voltage                                                  6KV
low voltage                                                   380V Instrument gas ( used for starting)
pressure                                                        0.6 MPa(G)
tempt.                                                          £ 30 ℃
dew point                                                     <-40℃
flow                                                             250 m3/h
requirement                                                  oil free

Impurity in air

CO2                                                             £ 400 ppm
C2H2                                                            0.5ppm
CnHm(exceptC2H2)                                         2ppm
Mechanical impurity                                      1mg/m3 untility:



O2 output3000nm3/h
Liquid argon output75nm3/h
O2 pressure0.012mpa
Liquid argon pressure0.15mpa
O2 purity>99.6%
Liquid argon purity<2ppm O2,<3ppm N2
Process air capacity0-16000m3/h
Air outlet pressure0-0.58mpa


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