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A. Gur Technologies co.,ltd

A. Gur Technologies co.,ltd

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A. Gur Technologies manufactures, markets and distributes an entire line of professional chemical products for the HVAC/R markets worldwide. Included in these are scale removers, water conditioners, coil cleaners, tube cleaners, ice machine cleaners and other specialty applications. These products are marketed to air conditioning, refrigeration and heating wholesalers as well as hotels, hospitals, universities, food manufactures and OEM's.

A. Gur Technologies coil cleaning products and indoor air quality (IAQ) program provide a wide range of comprehensive solution for all your coil cleaning and a/c units disinfecting needs. From "no rinse" light cleaning of dust while conducting seasonal coil treatment to heavy duty deep cleaning of the most stubborn and hard to remove deposits from deep inside the coil beds, A. Gur Technologies has it all!

A. Gur's professional tube cleaning products will provide maintenance managers a wide range of solutions for safe removal and dissolvent of both organic and mineral deposits quicker than any other liquid cleaners on the market. A. Gur Technologies products will effectively clean your heat transfer equipment from rust, calcium carbonate, grease, mud, lime and other types of deposits found in passages in air heated or water condensers.

A. Gur's line of tube cleaners are ideal for use on chillers, heat exchangers, condensers, cooling towers, water piping systems, oil coolers, furnaces and other heat transfer equipment.

Our air conditioner cleaners and IAQ program are the most economical and effective way of dealing with problems created in all types of central and domestic air conditioning systems.

Air conditioner cleaners can help maintenance manager's protect their building’s occupants from the negative health effects of poor indoor air quality. We can also show facility managers how to avoid complaints of building occupants and legal liability. Everyone wants better indoor air quality. Now you can afford it!

A. Gur Technologies has had over 30 years of experience in development and production of air conditioner cleaners for the cleaning of air conditioning, refrigeration, heating and other thermal systems. We invite to take a tour throughout our site.

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Company Name: A. Gur Technologies co.,ltd
Country: China
Website: http://www.air-conditioner-cleaners.com/