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At AIMS Power, our mission is to be leaders in the design and development of off-grid and renewable energy. 
We sell our signature DC to AC inverters, solar panels, deep-cycle batteries, solar charge controllers and more to some of the most innovative companies and organizations across the US and worldwide. What’s more, we strive to provide the best quality products and unbeatable customer service and tech support to match.
The story of AIMS Power...
The first AIMS Power inverter was created in 2001 by founder and president Bruce de Jong in his Reno garage, Nevada. Our president devoted late nights to developing truly unique inverter designs and researching the needs of the renewable energy markets. And he succeeded.
Armed with just a college degree and a little business experience, AIMS Power was born, designing, developing and bringing to market the most extensive line of inverters available.

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Company Name: aimscorp company
Email: sales@aimscorp.net, techsupport@aimscorp.net
Business Phone: (775) 359-6703
Fax: (775) 359-6753
Country: China
Website: http://www.aimscorp.net/