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PTFE gasket ,Teflon gasket,expanded PTFE gasket

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SUZHOU AiChuang Sealing CO.,LTD

PTFE gasket ,Teflon gasket,expanded PTFE gasket

City & Province Suzhou Jiangsu
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info(at)acsealing com PTFE gasket? is cuted from? sheet which material is 100% PTFE granual resin,Teflon PTFE gasket has high temperature, corrosion and ageing resistant qualities.PTFE gaskets are excellent in applications involving solvents,corrosive chemicals and high temperatures. provide a whole range of grades ofPTFE gaskets to suit every requirement.
Size :
Thickness: 0.25mm ~ 6mm
Out Diameter: 10mm ~ 3000mm
Density: 2.1 ~ 2.3 g/cm3
Temp: -180° C ~ + 260° C

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