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Sight Range Radio - Controlled UAV Agricultural Spraying Pesticide Sprayer

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Wuxi Hanhe Aviation Technology Co., Ltd.

Sight Range Radio - Controlled UAV Agricultural Spraying Pesticide Sprayer

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450+ Meters Remote Control Range 4 Nozzles Flybarless Helicopter Spraying System with Maximum Payload 15kg​

  1. The helicopter and its flying control system were developed in response to market demand for aerial agricultural spraying. Manned Fixed-wing crop dusters had been in use, but the small size of farms meant that this method was uneconomical and safety concerned. It provides much more accurate spraying, at lower cost and lower risk than manned aircraft.
  2. It’s characterized by flybarless rotor and lifted tail rotor. Flybarless rotor has a simple structure and low failure rate. Lifted tail rotor prevents from crashing caused by pesticide applying on tail rotor.
  3. Compare to traditional manned aircraft, it does not require a large take off terrain, it could easily take off and land from farms side area, no special track required; its light weight, small size, can be transported with a small size van.
  4. It carries maximum of 15 kilograms farm chemical. depends on the skill of operator, each trip could spray up to 1.5 hectare of land within 12 minutes, it is 60-80 times more effective than traditional manual hand spraying. When spraying pesticides operates, intense downdraft from the helicopter’s rotation can split and shake the crops and pesticides will be able to evenly apply on to the back and the roots of crops. In other words, comparing to traditional manual hand spraying, the helicopter offers crops and operator a better protection.
  5. The use of ultra-low volume pesticide spraying operation can limit the cost of water and pesticides. Moreover, using remote control allows the operator to stay away from chemical pollution, it’s greatly reducing the harm to the operator.
  6. It comes with Hanhe exclusive real-time visual spray tracking system; it has been developed to provide a live feedback through an application on a smart phone or tablet. Sprayed area can be calculated simultaneously as the helicopter operates. In addition, GPS tracking system automatically adjust the discharge rate of pesticide according to the flying speed of the helicopter. The function keeps the discharge rate per unit area uniform.



Main Rotor Diameter

2230 mm

Carbon fiber Blades

Trail Rotor Diameter

403 mm

Overall Length

2030 mm


Overall Width

530 mm


Overall Height

660 mm




Gasoline Engine

Twin cylinder 80cc



95 Octane gasoline

Mixed with 2T FD stroke motor oil (30:1)

Starting Method

Electric remote switch


Fuel Capacity

1.5 L (0.4gal)


Fuel Consumption

4000 cc/h



Cruise speed

< 12 m/s


Wind Resistance

8-10.7 m/s


Working Temperature

0°C- 50°C


GPS Tracking System


It includes data link, GPS, recording software

Service ceiling

3,000m (above sea level)


Pesticide Sprayer

Pesticide Payload

7.5 kg x 2 Tanks


Max Spraying Capability

1.5 Hectare/trip


Spraying Width

4-6 Meters




Made in USA

CD-15 Specification.pdf 

Sisal, Squash, Swede, Sweet potato, Tung tree, Okra, Opium, Orange, Pepper, Plum, Swede, Sunhemp, Sugar beet, Tannia, Rice, Wheat, Soy beans, Betel nut, Bergamot etc.

Hanhe Aviation Technology Co., Ltd is an agricultural UAV company based in Wuxi and focuses on research, development, production and application of agricultural spraying UAV helicopters. The company is committed to the field of agricultural robots designed to help Chinese farmers drastically reduce current pesticide application costs and labor time. By utilizing leading technology and experienced staff, Hanhe Aviation is able to provide high-precision equipment for the modernization of agriculture, production service and data management platforms.
Since 2005, Hanhe Aviation began carrying out the R&D of agricultural spraying helicopters. In 2008, the Wuxi municipal government invited the company to move from Shanghai to Wuxi and Wuxi Hanhe Aviation was established, Simultaneously, Hanhe Aviation was rewarded by the Wuxi municipal government for leading the returned overseas entrepreneurship 530 class “A” program, and as a national advanced tech enterprise. During its developmental years, Hanhe Aviation has filed nearly 50 patents, covering many aspects of remote control spraying and aircraft engineering technology, these patents comprise a comprehensive patent protection dome.
Hanhe Aviation pioneers in VTOL UAV plant protection. In Addition, the company has participated in the process of Chinese agricultural spraying UAV standardization.
In 2007, Hanhe Aviation launched its first remote control pesticide spraying UAV helicopter with a 10-kilogram payload capacity. With a 15-minutes fly time, pesticide spraying efficiency could reach 200 to 300 Mu (13-20 Hectare) per day. This efficiency has created a revolutionary milestone for Chinese agricultural UAV helicopters. In 2013, Hanhe Aviation released its next progressive model 3CD-15 with a payload capacity of 15 kilograms. This newer model has also further enhanced the Chinese agricultural UAV helicopter capability by extending its pesticide spraying efficiency to the range of 300 to 400 Mu (20 to 26 Hectare) per day. With ever increasing farmland and labor costs, the efficiency of Hanhe Aviation helicopters is creating an obvious advantage for agricultural UAV’s. In other words, the demand for a 15 to 20 kg payload capacity agricultural UAV will become increasingly apparent in 2015. A remote control UAV helicopter with a high payload capacity and efficiency is the inevitable trend in the agricultural development market. As the leading enterprise in the industry Hanhe Aviation will continue to contribute and assist farmers to achieve the ideal in cultivation.

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