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Safety No Pain Mobile Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine For Beauty Salons

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Safety No Pain Mobile Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine For Beauty Salons

Country/Region china
City & Province zhengzhou henan

Product Details

Christmas discount 808nm diode laser hair removal machine/ diode laser soprano hair removal machine/ 755/808/1064nm laser


Semiconductor emit pulsed infrared light laser system for hair removal. Based on a solid art known semiconductor laser technology, it has a very competitive advantages. Touch-screen computer control, integrated skin cooler, a good user interface design makes treatment more convenient use. And it offers the synergistic benefits of the 3 most effective wavelengths for hair removal, each targeting different.





structures within the hair follicle. The 3 main anatomical targets include the bulge, bulb and papilla.


Diode laser hair removal carries out based on selective photo thermolysis. 808 nm laser penetrates deeply into the dermis, where the laser energy is preferentially absorb melanin in the hair, and then dry the hair and hair follicles is rapidly heated to destroy hair follicles. As laser pulse is long enough, so that the hair follicles caused by loss of function or vascular photocoagulation: at the same time it is sufficiently short, thereby limiting the heat conduction to the surrounding tissue. Sapphire cooling head by conduction cooling the skin, cold hands and tools can reduce skin temperature, and increase the awareness of the energy density of tolerance, plating a narcotic effect, also reduces the melanin-rich skin temperature.


1. The diode laser hair removal machine adopts America Lightsheer Beauty technology. The China unique innovative ergonomic hand piece design, very sleek, compact and light.

2. The frequence could up to 20Hz, 10.4 inch luxurious screen.
3. Quick - Big spot size of 14*14nm, high effect and quick moving on treatment skin area.

4. No pain - No burn, no scar and no down time. Sapphire temperature cool down -5 ~ -5°C, comfortable to the whole treatment.

5. The energy up to 400W, 4 American imported the military laser bars inside.
6. Safety - The diode laser 880nm hair removal with stable function, and long using life, intelligent microprocessor control system.

7. Japan imported semi-conductor, painless treatment, ensure the machine 24 hours of continuous work 7 days.

8. Permanent hair removal - Suitable to all types of hair color and high efficiency with 4-6 courses to removal hair.


Three wavelengths


Alex 755nm wavelength:
For the widest range of hair types and color. The alexandrite wavelength offers more powerful energy absorption by the melanin chromophore, making it ideal for the widest range of hair types and color especially light-colored and thin hair.
Diode 808nm wavelength:
Half the treatment time. The classic wavelength in laser hair removal, the 810nm wavelength offers deep penetration of the hair follicle with high average power, a high repetition rate and a large spot size for fast treatment.
Yag 1064nm wavelength:
Specialized for darker skin types. The YAG 1064 wavelength is characterized by lower melain absorption, making it a focused solution for darker skin types.



1. Widely used for any color hair.
2. Widely used for any skin type.
3. Removal area: Lip hair, beard, chest hair, armpit hair, back hair, arm hair, leg hair, unwanted hair outside the bikini line.

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Before & After

Clinical study has proven that it is safe and effective that using diode laser system to remove hair. This study result shows that there are 2 independent effects: hair regeneration delaying and hair losing permanently.


Packing & Delivery

1. Main parts as one year warranty.
2. Within warranty time, free to change the spare parts if come up quality problem.
3. Lifetime technology supports

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