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Multifunctional E Light + RF + IPL SHR Hair Removal Machine For Female

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Multifunctional E Light + RF + IPL SHR Hair Removal Machine For Female

Country/Region china
City & Province zhengzhou henan
Categories Air Purifier

Product Details

New SHR / IPL+ Alight + RF Multifunctional IPL SHR IPL Hair Removal Machine

Product Description

SHR ( IPL + E-light + RF + ND yag laser )  

operation video: http://youtu.be/UiNF8qiWaMk



1. What's SHR?


SHR technology is the world’s most popular and widely used method of laser hair removal.


a. Pain free

SHR is the only clinically proven method of laser and AFT hair removal that causes virtually no pain. SHR works by gradually heating the dermis to a temperature that effectively damages the hair follicle and prevents regrowth, while not injuring surrounding tissue. SHR combines high average power, low fluency, and a high repetition rate; gradually increasing the temperature of the hair follicle by stacking the laser pulses.  shr ipl weifang

b. All hair and skin types

SHR gradually heats the skin until the required cumulative energy is delivered to the hair root. Without exposing the hair root to a single high energy pulse, SHR doesn’t cause trauma to skin with high melanin count, making it the safest laser hair removal option for dark skinned individuals. Furthermore, SHR treatment can be performed any time during the year, as sun exposure is less traumatic to the skin following SHR treatment.  shr ipl weifang

c. All you need is SHR

The sweeping In Motion technique of moving the hand piece repeatedly over the treatment area virtually eliminates pain,and removes the need for gels or anesthetics. Patients how up for a quick treatment, and are back out the door within a few minutes.


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2. Characteristics

A. High efficiency, high frequency SHR mode 10HZ, the treatment time is greatly shortened.

B. Excellent effect for various hair and skin.   shr ipl weifang

C. Treatment of good comfort and no pain.

D.3000W high power source ,supply uniform &abundant energy

E.Two operation inerfaces:one is professional for experts,the other is intelligent for ordinary people

F.Multifunctional machine: hair removal, skin rejuvenation, skin tighten and face lift. 

G.With self-testing and self-protection system, with 100% safety and longer working life. 


3. Patient Safety & Treatment



SHR technology is the safest method of laser hair removal, as well as the most effective.


Patient safety  shr ipl weifang

SHR has been proven in multiple clinical studies as the safest method of laser hair removal for 

all skin and hair types; as the melanin in dark skin types is exponentially more sensitive to the

 heat in laser treatment. Hair follicles are damaged not by a single high energy pulse, but by

 repetitive application of low fluency pulses removing the sensation of pain. Furthermore, the

 individual pulses do not cause any burning to the skin, as it is the multiple pulses that raise the

 temperature of the dermis to the level needed to prevent hair growth.SHR technology further 

ensures that the temperature of the dermis rises above 42°C (for effective hair removal) but not 

above 50°C, which could cause pain, burns, and permanent skin discoloration.


Skin cooling

Cooling for SHR comes from the Sapphire tip on the hand piece. The sapphire tip increases 

patient comfort, virtually eliminating the need for cold gels or analgesics.


Based on many years experience in pulsed light in the laser field, 530-1200nm spectral range is guaranteed tender skin beauty treatment such as speckle removing

 large pores, red streaks of rosacea unshakable principle. Painless security, should act in the

 light on the control. shr ipl weifang


The system calculate the full time of human skin’s heating mitigation time, to breakdown the pulse

 term once again into each single pulse, coupled with the cavity within the unique efficient

 reflection of light (99.6% light) is skin, the formation of a new soft continuous pulse technology; 

Sapphire glow window 5 degree Celsius temperature freezing contacts, ensure the safety of the

 treatment process painless. shr ipl weifang



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4.Technical Parameters


SR  560-1200nm

HR  650-1200nm

(optimize 650nm,710nm,800nm,960nm,1160nm)

Working modes

Professional mode & Intelligent mode

Counter Handle


Luminous source

Pulsed-xenon lamp



Spot size


Handle Temperature

The lowest is -5°/5°is in a working condition




Continually shooting time


Pulse repetition rate

1-10 Hz 


Single & Continue 

Pulse on 


Control System

Individual Module control system

Cooling system 

Electric/Water/fan cooling 

Display system 

8.0" colorful touch screen 

Drive Power 


Capacity of water tank


Power supply

220V, 50Hz 



1.Hair removal.        2.skin rejuvenation.  shr ipl weifang 
3.pigment therapy.  4.Vascular treatment.   
5.Acne treatment.    6.Wrinkle removal.      

7.Skin tightening.   AND SO ON




Our Services

1.lf check with supplier's Troubleshooting direction. (could be found in the operation manual)

2.Once self checked, please email your sales representative with the broken picture and

description.  ipl for hair removal skin rejuvenation system  ipl for hair removal skin rejuvenation system

3.Our sales representative will pass customer's inquiry to after-sale service department with

at once.  ipl for hair removal skin rejuvenation system

4.After-sale service representative will contact customer with a general and brief technical feedback and repairing instruction

5.If the first attempting repair is failed, then after-sale service will email customer to agree an telephone or skype video cam with our technician beside.  ipl for hair removal skin rejuvenation system

6.According to the level of damage, after-sale service will give customer a final feedback, to send the spare parts or a new machine. A repairing check list will be sent to customer for confirmation

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