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AEROPAK, a brand designed by our Australian partners, was born for the world market with a consistent in look and quality. Aeropak is positioned as a mature, consistent, western style supplier of reliable, quality products with full retail sales support.

Aeropak was started with one clear aim in mind,to give local retailers a strong global brand, a product that was recognisable worldwide offering consistent quality and supply.


Aeropak is totally different from other typical Chinese brands, ie: Aeropak, a better quality option with:


Global US style branded product,

Full product & Reseller support,

- POS & SKU information (excel sheet)

- English language flyers, (

- Reseller csv files, (easy input into POS system)

- Individually Barcoded (for stock control)

PDF & printed catalogues,

Colour charts,

English language website

Gifts support for promotion activities.

Advertisement support from Aeropak.


All of these features set the brand apart from 99% of the other Asian brands. We would also be saying that Aeropak is looking for long term distribution and sales partners, building a long-term ongoing relationship where we supply a complete professional product and package to the wholesale, retailer and customer. Aeropak offers a small/Medum distributor or wholesaler (like Dave at clampline) the ability to compete with the larger chain stores Walmart, Lows,(USA), Homebase, B&Q/DIY (UK), Bunnings (Australia) etc.


Aeropak, a better quality option.



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