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Electric treadmill A70

Country/Region China
City & Province Suzhou Jiangsu
Categories Fitness & Body Building

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Electricity to run


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ModelA70PanelLuxury Large blue LCD backlit display; analog display graphs and state of motion training mode; 400 m runway with analog display light design. Specially equipped with surround sound system, set the USB reader and MP3 audio input device
Display FunctionAscension, speed, time, distance, metabolism, calories, calories per hour, the paceUser-friendly design10 sets of speed and Ascension elections key design Direct key; integration of heart rate training feedback indicator, easier to use control platform
ModeRich professional sports mode, a new concept of sport mode button, using the shortcut key design patterns elections. Binding authority athletic trainer training program, set up a wealth of professional sport mode. In sport mode, the machine will adjust the speed and incline themselves. Sport mode includes: a set of manual mode is a quick casual movement patterns. Five kinds of training modes: hill field sports mode, sports mode fat burning, cardio movement patterns, strength training exercise mode, interval training mode. 2 set of user setting mode, designed for fitness enthusiasts, tailored, user can freely arrange their own movement patterns needed. A group rate control mode to allow training remain within target heart rate range model.Fast user interfaceThe new independent board fast user interface designed to allow movement of the operating fingertips. And the innovative design of the dual safety switch, activists can use the clip stretching, or extrusion way to achieve safe shutdown of operations.
Heart RateHand armrest with heartbeat sensor test system, 30 seconds for an average error of2%FanUltra-quiet crossflow fan anion.
ArmrestParticularly generous with large soft armrest, so feel more comfortable and secure movementPedalSpecially designed non-slip pedal area.
Running beltCommercial-grade non-slip running beltSelf-maintenance functionSpecially configured science intelligent lubrication system
Seif inspection systemEffectively convey machine fault information, can effectively improve the maintenance efficiencySuspension systemEfficient multi-level shock, shock absorption system Multi-level efficient shock absorbers
Sport mode buttonSport mode elections fingertips button design, users can more easily select their favorite sport modeCommercial high-quality professional DC motorCommercical grade commercial grade motor, motor control system using seniordrive maximum peak can reach 6.0HP
Running areaLarge 1550 * 560 (mm) running area, combined with a large treadmill, make exercise training more comfortable.Area2150*920*1510(mm)
Package Size2305*950*440(mm)GW208kg
Net weight190 kgBearingMaximum load 180kg
Electric Ascension0%-15%Speed0.8-24 km/h


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