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Advanced Engineering Materials Limited

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Advanced Engineering Materials Limited (AEM) is an international company in China involved in the R & D,manufacturing and sales of all kinds of high-tech materials. We provide worldwide research institutes and high-tech enterprises with high purity refractory materials. We have great advantages in powder, alloy, bar, boat, crucible, electrode, plate, rod, sheet, tube, wire, sputtering targets, etc.. Over the past decade, customers from around the world have begun to rely on AEM to help them reduce costs, improve quality, and shorten lead times, thereby increasing their competitive position. Our rare earth materials have established/developed a loyal customer base and continue to expand to today.

We provide the most competitive prices

From AEM, you will be able to get your desired products at the most competitive prices. AEM works closely with those industrial leaders in China to obtain cheap and high quality materials. Meanwhile, we have established perfect SCM (Supply Chain Management) and LP (Lean Production) systems to reduce costs. We always pursue high-efficiency mass production and scientific management. Therefore, we are able to ensure you get the highest product quality with the lowest prices.

Company info

Company Name: Advanced Engineering Materials Limited
Country: China
Website: http://www.aemmetal.com/