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AEGIS Tools limited

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In a nutshell: AEGIS Tools International, Inc. designs, manufactures and sells a full line of windshield repair equipment and auto glass installation tools.
A little history:  The AEGIS line of products goes back to 1982, when Robert Birkhauser invented the first AEGIS Windshield Repair System for use by Auto Glass Specialists, Inc., his family's chain of auto glass installation centers headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin. In those days, windshield repair was an emerging service available primarily from repair-only franchises. Viewed as a serious threat to the auto glass replacement industry, windshield repair reduced the demand for replacement and directed referrals away from replacement shops. Never daunted by a challenge, the Birkhausers decided to offer repair as an additional service, but needed high-quality tools without franchise fees. Within a short time, the AEGIS Windshield Repair System was designed, tested and awarded two patents. Marketing began to other auto glass replacement businesses worldwide.
Over the years, AEGIS has designed innovative glass installation tools and refinements to their windshield repair system. In 2006, the Birkhausers sold the Auto Glass Specialists installation centers to Belron North America but retained AEGIS Tools International, Inc. which is now a separate corporation.

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Company Name: AEGIS Tools limited
Country: China
Website: http://www.aegistools.com/