Radar Sensor T8 Led Tube Lamp 18 W 4ft Ce Ul Listed With Aluminum Radiator

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Radar Sensor T8 Led Tube Lamp 18 W 4ft Ce Ul Listed With Aluminum Radiator

Country/Region china
City & Province guangzhou guangdong
Categories Lighting Accessories

Product Details


Sensor LED Tube Light Integrated T8 4ft 18W 1800LM Aluminum CE UL


1. Detect any moving object,car,people,etc
2. Detect distance can be 8-12 meters(more distance is possible)
3. Usually 0.5-2.5W power consumption,quick change to full wattage when the moviing object is coming in 1-2 seconds.
4. Radar sensor technology is more sensitive,faster and stable than infrared and voice controlled technology
5. Radar sensor is the best choice of energy saving purpose for car park house or other public area



2. Introduction:


1. Using the doppler effect principle, independent research and development planar antennas receiving circuit, electromagnetic environment around intelligent detection, automatically adjust the working status;

2. Resting low power consumption of the lighting, generally 0.5-2.5 W, and adjustable according to the environment;

3. When human/car or other objects move into the area, automatic induction work at full capacity, 10 to18 w (0.6 or 1.2 meters of lamps and lanterns)

4. Full working time: 2 seconds to 60 seconds according to the environment is adjustable;

5. Induction sensitivity: 1-9 meters;

6. The average daily power consumption: 4.8 watts; 16 hour meter (according to work 8 hours, static, full load 10 w)

7. Apply to the underground parking lot, shopping malls, stair isometric lighting places.

8. Wide voltage input. AC85-265V

9. High efficiency 0.89 (100 mA)

10. Compared with infrared products: radar switch induction distance is farther, perspective is wide, no dead zone, can penetrate glass, and wood veneers, according to different power, can penetrate the different thickness of the wall, and is not affected by environment, temperature, dust, etc, in the case of 37 degrees, not shorten the induction distance. Radar switch is an ideal upgrade infrared switch products.

11. Use scope: corridor, corridor, toilet, basement, garage, warehouse, monitoring, and other places of automatic energy-saving lighting



3. T8 LED Tube Technical Data Sheet:


Electrical parameters
Model No.AD-T8-RS-900MM-14WAD-T8-RS-1200MM-18.6WAD-T8-RS-1500MM-23W
LED Consumption(W)14W18.6W23W
Tube Size(mm)L900*Φ26L1200*Φ26L1500*Φ26
Input VoltageAC185-265V 50/60HzAC185-265V 50/60HzAC185-265V 50/60Hz
Power factorPF≧0.9PF≧0.9PF≧0.9
Rated lifetime50000H50000H50000H
Opitical parameters
LED SourceSMD2835SMD2835SMD2835
LED Quantity(pcs)75pcs100pcs125pcs
CCT(Kelvin)3000K 4000K 6000K
Lifespan (LM80)40000H40000H40000H


4. Features: 


1. Flame resistant Material: For inside part and cover, insulativity and function, reach international standard.
2. Aluminum Alloy: Using oriental material, aluminum stiffness>60.0HB strength of extension> 146Mpa
yield strength>60.1Mpa
3. Driver: Korean IC, Japanese MOS tube, Taiwanese Capacity, High/Low voltage protection,
short circuit protection, stability and long life span
4. LED chip: Japan/Taiwan Imported Chip, 24-26LM/pcs, CRI>80, low heat, long life-span
5. Pin: High purity Ag soldering, good function of conductivity and Anti-Oxidation
6. End cap: UL94 VO Class, Flame-resistant material, insulativity meets IEC standard
7. Aluminum radiator: Anti-rust, anti-oxidation, anti-scrath, super cooling, good for heat dissipation



6. Lighting effect:


Warm white: 2700-3500K
Yellow lighting applications that require warm place, generally used mainly home decoration, warm light
could provide a warm atmosphere

Cool white: 6000-6500K
White is the color closest to the sun, have a higher lumens and color rendering properties of light



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