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Heshan Meiya Industrial Development Co. Ltd is located in Guangdong Province, the Pearl River Delta of the Xijiang River in Heshan City, founded in 1979. The company has an annual production capacity of 5000000 high-grade raschel blanket, blanket production is the world's largest manufacturing enterprises. In 1996 and in 2002 won the title of famous brand products in Guangdong province.

Our company to promote the development of the enterprise with science and technology, in 1983 the first to introduce the international advanced level of warp-knitted raschel blanket production line, development and production of our first raschel blanket, to fill the domestic blank, raschel blanket and then continue to research and development of various kinds of varieties of different specifications, design unique, different style (including acrylic, cotton, wool series), warm mattress, senior carpet series of new products. Meiya brand raschel blanket soft and comfortable, breathable warmth, dampproof and mothproof, washed not deformation, high quality and well received by consumers. A series of new products developed by the company has won the province, Department, class science and Technology Progress Award and the award for outstanding new products, in recent years the company to "brand raschel blanket as a leader, has developed dozens of new products raschel blanket, leading the trend of domestic consumption. The new products are cashmere, silk, century fashion super soft, your fur plush, super soft and bright pure polyester raschel blanket blanket etc. series products.

For more than twenty years Myer brand raschel blanket is popular at home and abroad, its production capacity, brand awareness, quality, reputation, market share, quality than price, service satisfaction has been among the forefront of the domestic counterparts products, export volume has been ranked the forefront counterparts (exported to Japan, the United States, Europe, South Africa, South America and other 20 a number of countries and regions). Meiya trademark in 1998 was recognized as Guangdong Province famous trademark, I enjoy good beer at home and abroad.

Company the full participation in quality management, the implementation of ISO standards, continue to improve the work, improve production technology, to correct bad quality, so that our product quality has been continuously improved. As early as 1991 Myer brand raschel blanket in many domestic blanket competitions with high-quality, high grade, high advantage and won the national quality the highest honor - Gold Medal (domestic counterparts only Meiya an award). In 1999 our first to obtain ISO9001:94 certification of quality management system in our country, in 2003 the company has passed ISO9001:2000 standard certification examination.

In 2009 the textile carrier Guangdong Silk Textile Group Co., Ltd. in the ", Guangdong silk textile group" the 1248 Voyage "strategy puts forward to develop new business sales by brand oriented to realize the transformation of business mode, will promote the brand construction to value profit area chain in the commanding point, and give the company brand building long-term support, Myer brand was designated as the silk spinning group" brand Pyramid "in the main strategic brand, is to play a leading role in the blanket, the textile field's flagship brand.

The company will take this as an opportunity, accelerate the pace of development, efforts to achieve industrial upgrading, promote our brand effect, production gradually developed into a full range of home textile enterprises from a single blanket, integrate domestic and foreign resources, to build China's largest textile Meiya leading enterprises

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Province: guangdong
Country: china