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Counter Top Water Purifier/Filter(ACC-806)

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Counter Top Water Purifier/Filter(ACC-806)

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indicator reminding when to replace the filter
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Counter Top Water Purifier/Filter(ACC-806)

ACC Counter Top Water Purifier/Filter
Non electronic, healthy water purifier
1. What is ACC Water Purifier?
ACC Water Purifier(ACC-806) is a super water filter system, which can convert the regular tap water into healthier water by the excellent 2 layer filters system. The filtered water with good tasting, chlorine free, no heavy metals, you can use it for washing, cooking and drinking, it can effectively solve the health risks which caused by water pollution and bring us the micro-mineral water conveniently at home.
2. In summary the ACC Water Purifier:
1)Purify the tap water, remove the bacteria, eliminate the chlorine and other harmful substances. The refreshing water could help to clean the fruit, vegetables and used for cooking.
2)Creates the refreshing, great-tasting drinking water, which makes your coffee and tea more aromatic.
3)Remove chlorine and heavy metals, provide an abundance of natural minerals to our human body, make the body to be more energetic, more dynamic, more spirit and not easily tired.
4)The filter cartridge should to be replaced after about 3,000 liters of water or 6 months of usage.
5)It is easy to know when to replace the filter and how much water filtered out from your tap, very convenient and easy to use.
3. ACC Water Purifier Advantages:
Reduce health-care and supplement costs.
Reduce sick days and time off school/work.
Concentrated health-supporting Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium on tap
Unlimited supply of antioxidants
No more plastic bottles.
Easily installed in your own home
Proven over thirty years and thousands of users
Excellent filtration 2 layer filter system, make your water refreshing, clean and health.
ACC Water is the top 10 manufacturer of small water purifier, please contact us for best offer!
in Water Ionizer / May 26,2016
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