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Remote Control Bluetooth Door Lock Touch Screen Hotel Electric Black Silver

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Remote Control Bluetooth Door Lock Touch Screen Hotel Electric Black Silver

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Product Details

Mobile Bluetooth Remote Intelligent Door Lock Rental House Use With Dynamic Password



Bluetooth door lock advantages:

1 realize keyless management, the customer's mobile phone obtains the Bluetooth key and remotely receives the opening key;
2 does not completely rely on the network, when the network fails, the door lock can be used normally;
3 Review the tenant's entry and exit records in real time to ensure the safety of the hotel;
4 It can be compatible with access control ICs such as access control and elevator control to realize the function of one card;
5 Maximize the intelligent management of the leasing business, reduce management personnel and improve management efficiency.
Processing customization: Yes
Material: Stainless steel electroplated wire drawing
Scope of Application: Apartment, Residence, Public Rental, Hotel, School Office
Lock rod thickness: 8
Lock spacing: 234
Colour: Red Obsidian black bright silver
Type: APP + Bluetooth + Limited Password + Card swipe + Key
Is there a cross-border source of goods: Yes
Main sales areas: Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, North America, South America
Core: Class C copper core
Lock body: national standard 240*24 anti-theft lock body


Easy landlord
Apartment. Residence. Date. Monthly Rent
Multi-apartment Source Easy to Solve
App Bluetooth Remote Password Lock



Our Top Ten Advantages
Optical fingerprint in vivo
Low Voltage Alarm
Secure virtual password
"Emergency key unlock"
A T Anti-duplication Card
Class C pure copper lock core
"American DSP Chip
Selected Stainless Steel Villages
Double boxes are easy to maintain.
Military Free Handle


Multi-person hierarchical management allocation

You can assign others to manage locks at multiple levels, or you can set authorizers.
Do you have the right to redistribute other people's management?
Landlord/Family. Tenant a/Tenant B

Multiple Password Sending Options
Permanent Long-Term Password
Time-limited access password
Single Entry Password
Data Cleanup Password
Junhuan Entry Code
Custom Entry Password

Software humanization helps you become a modern landlord easily
Lock management software, part of the function display
Send a one-time password so that the tenant can see the room without running errands
Tenants, vacant rooms, already occupied, dirty rooms at a glance


Smart app, one-click management
IOS version software can be downloaded from App Store Android version can be downloaded from Google play, app treasure, Baidu, Ali, 360, Huawei, millet and other application markets.
Massive housing supply
Easy management
One key open


Be a modern landlord
Easy management

App unlock
Time limited password
Bluetooth unlock,
Credit card unlock
Remote management
Daily rent, monthly rent, house inspection, check-in, check-out, easy to fix.

Remote Authorization Without Distance Constraints
Visitors/tenants can send temporary or single passwords when visiting/visiting the house/property maintenance.
Supporting Apple/Android dual systems
Receive authority



Bluetooth Lock Required for Networking
App and lock of mobile phone set up bank-level encrypted Bluetooth transmission.
Preventing the possibility of being cracked by the network
Bank-level Encrypted Bluetooth Transport


Bluetooth, password and card opening records are acquired by gateway in real time and uploaded to cloud service to facilitate managers to view the opening records.
(Gateway boxes are required)


Remote Send Management Password
Can send permanent, time-limited, circular, single, custom passwords and other types
Single Password is Safe and Reliable
Use a one-time invalidation for temporary authorization
Time-limited password for easy management
A specified time limit for short, daily and monthly rents
Permanent Code Used by Family
Long-term use, you can add and delete at any time
Electronic Key Sharing Friends
Mobile Bluetooth Lock, Convenient and Easy to Use


Open-door record can be inquired and updated in real time after networking.


Management software can share vacant rooms with friends or circles of friends, and increase the exposure of vacant rooms.
Increase the rental probability. Before sharing, the apartment must add room pictures and fill in the basic information of the room.
Housing configuration and room description are optional.


Sharing accurately and solving the vacancy problem easily
One billion users, super-large broadcast platform, no need to worry about the vacancy of housing resources
Clear view of vacancy rate, real-time dynamic control of apartments
Real-time update of vacancy rate
Branch vacancy ranking, let you know the apartment dynamic like your palm
Vacancy and
Housing sharing
Prepaid rent
Full rent payment
Housing management


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