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Good Elasticity PLA 1.75mm Filament For 3D Printer Consumables Material

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Good Elasticity PLA 1.75mm Filament For 3D Printer Consumables Material

Country/Region china
City & Province dongguan guangdong
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Good Elasticity PLA 1.75mm Filament For 3D Printer Consumables Material

PLA Filament:




2, Manner and packing: use vacuum package, the net weight1.0KG.


3, Foreign 3d printer supplies perfect support the PLA,


4.PLA belong to biological materials, corn grain refining, natural color can be solution, dose not affect the environment.


5.PLA material have hard, the strength and stiffness high


6. Surface light, smooth degree is very good. 6, Processing and no smell.


7. PLA print not curly and no edge warp.


8.print temperature, 200°C -240°C.


9.Floor temperature: 100-120℃


10.Many color you can choose.


1. Material quality:we have PLA,ABS,HIPS,Nylon(PA),PC,POM,PETG,PVA(Water solubility),Wood,Flexible(TPU),ConductiveABS,

Glow in Dark,Fluorescence,Change color,Light Change,Flame retardant,Metal filament, Polymer composite(like silk),High temperature resistance 110℃PETG,carbonfiber,ASA,SoftPLA,Multicolor Gradient,Ceramic,PC+ABS,Marble, Twnkling,PETG-Carbon Fiber ,PVB andso on.

2. Specifications:1.75&3.003.packing:We use plastic spool,the net weight 1.0KG,we put desiccant in it,use vacuum package,every Tray into a small box,box size:21*21*8CM,and the each 8 small box into a master carton.

3. Carton size:43.5*43.5*18cm

4.Plastic spool:Diameter 200mm,axle hole156mm,overall height 70mm.

5.Spool Choice:0.25KG 0.5KG 1KG 2KG 5KG

6.3d pen filament:6m,10m,20m.




Q 1: Are you a manufacturer or just trade company?

A 1: We are Manufacturer, welcome to our company and factory.

Q 2: Could you provide sample?

A2: Yes, we can offer the sample, but you should pay for the freight.

Within 1-3 days we will send the sample to you, after payment

Q 3: Which kind of payment will be better?

A 3: L/C, T/T, PalPay, etc.

Q 4: How can you prove your business credit and make my business safe?

A 4: You could use the Alibaba Trade Assurance for your payment, if the delivery is not match the contract, the Trade Assurance would be safe for your money.

Q 5: What is the MOQ?

A 5: Any quantity for a trial order is accept, but for OEM service, the MOQ is 200-500 pcs for each model.

Q 6: What is the lead time of your products?

A6: 1-3 days for sample orders. 5-20 days for mass production orders (based on different quantities).

Q 7: How will you deliver my goods to me?

A 7: We always ship by air and sea. In the same time, we cooperate with international expresses such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT to enable our customers get their goods rapidly and cheap.

Q 8: How long I will receive the goods?

A 8: 5-7 days for air transportation, 3-5 days for international express. 20-40 days for sea transportation.

Q 9: What is your product quality?

A9: We choose importd raw materials. And we have a strong quality control team to guarantee our quality according to AQL standard.


Dongguan Hengli Dejian Plastic Electrical Products Factory
Various types of material parameters control table
MaterialSpecificationsPrinting temperature
Floor temperature
PLA(contain Fluorescence/glow in dark)1.75/3.0200-24060-80 Or not heatingBiological degradation / printing without odor / not curling, not curling
ABS(contain Fluorescence/glow in dark)1.75/3.0230-270100-120Good plating performance / toughness
HIPS(contain Fluorescence/glow in dark)1.75/3.0230-270100-120Soluble in lemon
Change color(31℃change color)ABS1.75/3.0230-270100-120Color changes at different temperatures
Change color(31℃change color)PLA1.75/3.0200-24060-80 Or not heatingColor changes at different temperatures
Light change color ( under the sun)ABS1.75/3.0230-270100-120change color under the sun
Light change color ( under the sun)PLA1.75/3.0200-24060-80 Or not heatingchange color under the sun
Nylon1.75/3.0250-280100-120Good rigidity and elasticity
PC1.75/3.0250-280100-120Hardened with toughness, temperature resistance of 125℃
POM1.75/3.0200-240100-120Wear resistance and torsion resistance, good insulation performance
PETG1.75/3.0200-240100-120Acid and alkali resistant / good toughness
ConductiveABS1.75/3.0230-260100-120Effective release and prevent the generation of static electricity
Wood( base material is ABS )1.75/3.0180-19580-100Like real wood/ Can be nailed, can be drilled, can be carved
Wood(base material is PLA)1.75/3.0180-19580-100Like real wood/ Can be nailed, can be drilled, can be carved
PVA1.75/3.0190-220not heatingWater soluble material
Flexible(TPU)1.75/3.0200-22060-80High soft, high elastic / food grade
Flame Retardant1.75/3.0230-270100-120Fire prevention function
Metal1.75/3.0190-21060 Or not heatingGood gloss, corrosion resistance
Polymer Composites(Like silk)1.75/3.0200-220not heatingHigh gloss, easy to peel, print smooth
110℃PETG1.75/3.0200-240100-120Acid and alkali resistant / good toughness / high temperature resistance
Carbon fiber1.75/3.0200-220not heatingMatte black, strength, shrinkage rate is small
ASA1.75/3.0230-260100-120Anti ultraviolet (anti-aging)
Soft PLA1.75/3.0200-220not heatingGood elasticity, good flexibility.
PCL1.75/3.070-100 Low temperature materials, used for 3d print pen
Multicolor Gradient1.75180-21060-80 Or not heatingOne roll filament have different color, every roll is different
H-PLA(100℃PLA)1.75200-24060-80 Or not heatingHigh temperature (100 ℃), high toughness PLA
Ceramic1.75200-24060-80Surface light and ceramic texture,wear resistance
PC+ABS1.75230-270100-120high hardness, good toughness, good rigidity
Marble1.75200-23060-80 Or not heatingMarble texture
Twinkling1.75200-23060-80 Or not heatingThe surface is twinkling
PETG-Carbon fiber1.75/3.0230-25080-100Better than PLA-Carbon fiber toughness, strength
PVB polished filament1.75190-22070 Or not heatingPolished, not easy to warp, easy to print


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