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Shijiazhuang has rich natural resources, sufficient energy source and perfect communications, has traffic networks extending in all directions such as three railways including Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, Shijiazhuang-Dezhou Railway and Shijiazhuang-Taiyuan Railway, expressways including Shijiazhuang-Taiyuan, Shijiazhuang-Huanghua, Beijing-Shenzhen, Shijiazhuang-Zhangjiakou, Shijiazhuang-Jinan as well as the Shijiazhuang Airport.
Shijiazhuang Baoshi Electronic Group Co., Ltd (hereafter called Baoshi Group) is located at No.9 Huanghe Avenue, High-tech Development Zone of Shijiazhuang. It covers an area of 360,000 square meters, has 1.389 billion Yuan registered capital, and the current total asset is 2.6 billion Yuan RMB; It owns 5219 employees; It mainly produces color TV Bulb and corollary components, it is an extra-large state-owned enterprises integrating green lighting with new-type environmental chemical building materials, it is one of the 520 key enterprises, one of the largest post of Hebei Provincial group enterprises and one of the 30 largest profit makers and tax payers of key industries in Shijiazhuang city during the Tenth Five-Year-Plan”. In 2005, Baoshi Group is listed 82th among 100 top electronics enterprises in China, and 72th among 100 top enterprises in Hebei Province.
Subsidiary companies of Baopshi Group includes: 1 wholly owned subsidiary company— Baoshi Energy Saving Illumination Science and Technology Co., Ltd; 1 listed company—Shijiazhuang Baoshi Electronic Glass Co., Ltd; 2 subordinate subplants-- TV bulb plant and electron gun plant; 3 holding subsidiaries—Shijiazhuang Baoshi Electric Vacuum Glass Co., Ltd, Henan Puyang Baoshi Glass Co., Ltd and Shijiazhuang Baoshi Zhonghe Steel-plastic Door and Window Profiles Co., Ltd; 3 joint venture companies—Shijiazhuang Baodong Electronics Co., Ltd, Shijiazhuang Baoshi-krah Large Plastic Piping Co., Ltd, Shijiazhuang Baoshi Ruiming Plastic-steel Products Co., Ltd.
Annual production capacity of the main products in the company: 14.4 million CTV Bulb, 200 million pieces of  stud pin and anode button, 12 thousand tons high- lead glass tubing, 12.5 thousand tons of  fluorescent light glass tubing, 7 thousand tons of large plastic pipes, 50 thousand sets of induction lamp, 25 million pieces of CTV stem, 4 million pieces of electron guns and so on. All products are produced with advanced technology and technics, well-equipped processing equipments as well as first-class quality, up to the advanced level of the same industry. Thereinto, production capacity and market share of the high lead glass tube, stud pin and anode button is ranked 1st in China and 2nd in the world. The company has a professional team with high-grade, skillful and rich experience in glass furnace. By virtue of our professional experience and technology and good reputation, our glass tube of the fluorescent lamp is of the best quality in domestic and international market, and wins unanimous praise by manufacturers and consumers. Our group has created a unique brand image in export field. Induction lamp product has its own intellectual property and six patents. Induction lamp is a kind of environmental and energy-saving product. This project is the industrial development projects strongly supported by the state during the Eleventh-Five-Year-Plan” period, prospect of which is extremely broad.
Five production lines, such as the B/W CRT, B/W TV Bulb, the electron gun, the stud pin and anode button and the glass tubing and so on from 1986 to 1991 have been successively introduced and put into production by Baoshi Group. In 1993 Shijiazhuang CRT Factory was reorganized into Shijiazhuang Baoshi Electronic Group Co., Ltd, and the Shijiazhuang Baoshi Electronic Glass Co., Ltd. was established. In 1995, the CTV bulb production line was constructed, the funnel furnace and panel furnace was lighting up and put into production in the same year and the next year. In 1996, the Baoshi A share and Baoshi B share were successfully listed in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. In 1997, Baoshi CTV Company (a subsidiary company of our Baoshi Group) and NEG, SOJITZ, Japan, three companies jointly set up Joint_venture company of  Shijiazhuang Baoshi Electrical Glass Co., Ltd. In 2004, our Baoshi Group successfully implemented debt-to-equity swap, has established new company with the stocks shared by four shareholders, i.e. China Great Wall Asset Management Corporation, China Orient Asset Management Corporation, China Huarong Asset Management Corporation and the Municipal State-owned Property Supervision & Administration Committee. In 2006, the Baoshi A stock has successfully implemented non-tradable shares reform.
From now on, we will earnestly carry out scientific outlook on development with the development policy doing well 1,2,3,4 projects, constructing of the harmonious Baoshi, realizing healthy development of the enterprise” as the guidance, will vigorously develop five spirits

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