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Roll Heat press machine Product Model:DBX-H024

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Guangzhou Elephant Digital Printing Co., Ltd

Roll Heat press machine Product Model:DBX-H024

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Product Details

Product Description:
Elephant Heat Transfer Machine Digital Observing a machine can completely change the traditional low-end equipment portfolio impression produced crude bad impression made inaccurate, the machine repair rate is high and covers an area of large, printed by the limitations of such products, many shortcomings. Currently, multi-functional digital printing machine with a variety of functions such as product production, according to market needs unlimited upgrades.
Application: complete fabric impression, T , like India, digital porcelain figurines, metal printing images, printed as personalized jewelry, fashion gifts, like India, personalized portrait mug Mirage Cup, shaped like plates and India, wedding anniversary cards, baby birth card, authorization card, medals. . . . So hundreds of digital imaging products.
Elephant latest digital heat transfer machine, heat transfer machine is a major breakthrough, and its products features are as follows:
microprocessor process control, parameter memory, control, higher precision, touch control panel, unique to China;
advanced design concepts, independent control of cell structure, easy machine service;
can lift 360 degree rotation, easy to extract and items of a certain thickness of the shaped impression;
replacement of different functional parts of India as quickly and easily without tools;
key components imported raw materials, the use of performance more stable, durable;
whole design aesthetic luxury, covering less than one square meter, enabling operation of outlets and counters;
well as equipment manufacturers to produce even better images of products;
multi-function digital printing camera plus computer, scanner, printer, digital printing can be opened like a perfect Square, to rent store operations, shopping desk can also camp.
Technical parameters:
Voltage: 110/220V
Power: 450-1,200 W
Temperature Range: 0 - 399C
Weight: 41kg / 27kg
Packing Size: 52X48X50CM
Time Range: 0 - 999sec.
Cup diameter of 7.5 - 9cm
Plate diameter: 12cm and15cm
Cap diameter: 80X150MM
Heating plate size: 28x 38cm
Note: Observing the heat press machine, one machine can work in large quantities, the work of the first devices stopped about 60 minutes (two minutes), non-use during the baking machine, be sure to turn off the power while pressing the handle the pressure The following (not too much pressure, to maintain its formation can be).
Service process: one year warranty, warranty period, the company sold products on the lifelong maintenance and technical support to ensure, by the professional and technical personnel to answer user''''''''s questions and ensure the needs of the user to solve, such as quality problems, please contact the company.

Guangzhou elephant Digital Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004, is a production, agent, after sale maintenance and processing as one of the digital printing company, sales agent in Japan Muto, EPSON, MIMAKI digital printers, thermal transfer equipment, South Korea INKTEC Italy J TECK ink, ink, thermal transfer paper, to provide professional digital printing machine and supplies and printing processing one-stop service.
The company established since 06 years digital printing factory, six years of professional digital printing, garment printing, silk printing, printed cotton, t shirt printing, advertising gifts, Home Furnishing products, bags printing printing production experience. Company equipment and printing supplies are imported from foreign country, thermal transfer ink and thermal transfer paper are certified by SGS, reached the international quality certification, printing products, rich and vivid colors, high definition, not easy to fade, green environmental protection, meet European export standards. Digital printing processing factory of domestic equipment.

Company: Guangzhou elephant Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
Factory Address: Guangzhou City, Guangzhou City, Haizhuqu District Xingang Road No. 70 Well Industrial Park 1 3 floor
branch address: East Development Zone of Qingyuan City District No. 48
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