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2200W 380V 5D Movie Theater Ocean Park 5D Motion Cinema Arc Screen

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2200W 380V 5D Movie Theater Ocean Park 5D Motion Cinema Arc Screen

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Customized 5D Movie Theater Ocean Park 5D Motion Cinema Arc Screen Luxury Chairs Movies For Wonderful 12 Special Effects


The Introduction Of 5D Cinema:

Compared with other types of cinema, 5D cinema adopts high technology, highlighting themes and impressive impact in the stereo movie. With the increasing requirement of the amusement market, the development of video amusement technology is also rising. Viewers can experience shocks, falls, rises and other effects in some 4D cinemas, while in the 5D cinema, they are able to experience different kinds of fresh features such as lightning, snow, water spraying, wind blowing, bubble, smog, leg sweeping and many other funny effects, which are not included in our 4D cinema.



The Specifications Of 5D Cinema:


5D Cinema Capacity :3 people/set, 4 people/set, 6 people/set
5D Chair weight:180kg
5D Chair size:1900*850*1400(mm)
5D Cinema Seat Color:Blue, Red,Back,etc
5D Chair Material:Genuine leather +fiberglass
Dynamic System:Electronic/ Pneumatic
Lift-Right tilting:±9°
Front-back tilting:±25°
Up-Down tilting:0-200mm
Vibration frequency:12Hz



The 12 Special Effects Of 5D Dynamic Cinema:


1. Lightning machine: when there is thunder and lightning in the movie, cinema hall will issue a dazzling lightning, the audience seemed to turn in summer thunderstorm.

2. Rain machine: This machine installed on the top of ceiling. Audiences will feel truly about rain fall from the sky, moist his hair and cheeks.

3. Wind machine: While this button opened, audiences could feel the soft wind blow on their faces.

4. Snow machine: When it snows, the artificial snow will drift down in the cinema hall.

5. Smoke machine: The machine can generate a large amount of smoke; smoke arises accompanied by "flames" as if the sky in the combustion.

6. Bubble machine: Generated bubbles filled the air of the real. The theater will be in the lively atmosphere of mystery.

7. Leg sweep: Leg sweep Mimic small animal climb trousers inside feeling.



The Installation Of 5D Cinema:


a. Video and description about how to install and test.

b. Buyer sends engineer to China. We will train your person how to install and test.

c. We can come to buyer's place to install, test and train your person.

d. We will train the staff appointed by your company to install and operate the cinema for free.

e. We will give you the advice of running the cinema all the time.



The Wonderful After-sale service:


Control system is free lifetime and be updated; 2years free for motion chair;1 year free for other equipment, No warranty of consumables.


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