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Tilo T60+ colour inspection light box color-matching machine with light source D65 D50 A U30 U35 UV

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Tilo T60+ colour inspection light box color-matching machine with light source D65 D50 A U30 U35 UV

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City & Province shenzhen guangdong
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Product Details

Tilo T60+ colour inspection box color-matching machine light box with D65 D50 A U30 U35 UV
Garment industry supplies light box T60+ fabric color-matching machine color light box with D65 CWF TL84 UV F light source
T60+ fabric inspection light box / color matching light box can accommodate up to 5 light sources. The Color matching booths / Colour assessment cabinet / Color Light Box can be applied to the industries that need to perform color difference testing as follows: as the premiere designer and manufacturer of color viewing and lighting products for the Graphic arts, Photographic, Textile, Dyeing, Packaging, Printing, Leather, Inks, Knitwear, Plastic, Automotive and Ceramics industries.
Ø TILO Color assessment cabinet / Color Viewing Cabinet / Color View Light Booth render color more accurately. With 6 different light sources(D65, TL84, CWF, F, UV), which can detect the metamerism.
Ø Meets or exceeds major international standards for visual color evaluation including: ASTM D1729, ISO3664, DIN, ANSI and BSI.
Ø Easy to operate by using individual switches for each light source.
Ø Elapsed time meter for tracking optimal lamp replacement.
Ø Automatically alternating among light sources.
Ø No warm-up time or flickering which insures quick and reliable color judgment.
Ø Economic power consumption and low heat generation for high light efficiency.
Ø The dimension can be made byTcustomized

Product Name
T60+ Color light box
neutral grey
Light Source
12 months except comsumable
Textile, Dyeing, Packaging, Printing, Lether etc


Order NumberConfigured light sourcesWeightDimensions(mm)
P60+color light boxD65,TL84,CWF,UV,F/A19.5Kg695*552*502mm

About Light Sources:

Light Sourcecolor matching light box applicationColor temperature(k)Power(W)
D65International standard Artificial Daylight650018
TL84Applied to stores in Europe, Japan and China400018
CWF(Cool White Fluorescent)American Standard415018
F/A"Sun-setting Light Yellow" incandescent light source(imitation of sunset)270040
UVViewing under ultraviolet light to detect and evaluate optical brighteners or fluorescent pigmentsWavelength:365nm20
U30Warm White Fluorescent, American Standard3000



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* Specular included/excluded or combined in one reading for glossy/matte samples(SCI/SCE).
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* Switchable 4mm or 8 mm aperture for large and small samples.
* Integrated camera to precisely target measured area.

NS 800 45/0 Spectrophotometer
NS 800 45/0 Spectrophotometer
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* 45°/0° optical geometry is more closely correlated with visual assessment.
* Repeatability ΔE*ab 0.04, and inter- instrument ΔE*ab 0.2 for close tolerance work .
* 3.5 inch touch screen slanted at 15° angle to make it easier to read.
* Includes Color QC desktop software to connect the device with a PC for  additional functions.

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* Multiple measurement modes - basic, statistical, continuous, QC (with GQC6 software).  
* Stores over 5000 measurement​ and Display 5 sets of measurement data on the screen for comparison.

T90-7 Camera Viewer Color Check Box 
* 7 light source, 4 sets of LED light (D65, A, D50, UV,), 3 sets of fluorescent light source(U30, TL84, U35).
* Adjustable illumination light range from 10 lux to 1000 lux.
* Display the using time and times of every light source. 
* Automatic switch among light sources, with metamerism function.
* Metal material box, durable in use.

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