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Guangzhou Jin Shen Building Material CO.,LTD.

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Address: NO. 516, National Rd. 105 Da Shi Pan Yu Area Guangzhou Guangdong Province China (mainland)

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Guangzhou Jin Shen Building Material CO.,LTD.

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Guangzhou Jinshen Building Material CO., LTD. is a company that manufactures and sells eco-friendly building material.


At present, there is composite material PVC boards, 3d polyurethane Faux brick wall panels, leather 3d boards and nano SMC boards applied to exterior or interior wall decoration in our company. We take the natural plant fiber as raw material and use pure physical moulding technology to produce the fiber board. It is non-formaldehyde. Fiber 3d board is light weight, fine texture, easy to install, the sound absorption, moisture-proof, fashionable, artistic, durable, and eco-friendly.


Composite material PVC board is non-toxic, no pollution, and long serves life, bearing the acid and alkali, wear-resisting, flame resistant and electricity isolation. This series product is a new kind of eco-friendly material with sound insulation, sound absorption, thermal insulation, fire-retardant, heat resistance, abrasion resistance, sealing, anti-vibration, tensile, flexural, compression resistance and impact resistance and other properties.


Composite material polyvinyl chloride (PVC) board not only can show the color in nature, but can show the color that people image. The color of PVC board is natural and colorful. The exterior board is made of nano ceramics, mica, and active carbon materials, by using the light initiation technology, special surfactant treatment based paint and paint pigments fade-proof.

The latest leather 3d board that we researched and developed is applied to indoor or outdoor wall.


We are the first one to come up with the conception of soft decoration. Create three-dimension decoration effects; create an elegant and comfortable three-dimension living space. KINGS 3d board makes your live more wonderful.

There are all kinds of products and various designs in our company. With the advantages of manufacture, research integration, we constantly open up new areas of application and development of new products. The company has advanced automatic molding equipment and technology, and professional development capabilities and efficient manufacture capacity




1、Household cases: Wall background of TV, sofa, bedroom, foyers, stairwell, ceiling and a children's room, study-room, kitchen and other space wall decoration.
2、Business cases: Wall background of company’s’ LOGO, conference room, cafes, restaurant, chain stores, sample display window, hotel, kindergarten, and especially suitable for exhibition rooms. 
3、Public cases:  Background wall of VIP rooms in stations, wharfs and airports; background wall for stadiums, cinemas, theatres, studios and government halls and etc.


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Company Name: Guangzhou Jin Shen Building Material CO.,LTD.
City: guangzhou
Province: guangdong
Country: china
Address: NO. 516, National Rd. 105 Da Shi Pan Yu Area Guangzhou Guangdong Province China (mainland)