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Address: Room 1703, D3-4, Nanjing Building,Minzhi Avenue,Bao'an District,Shenzhen,CN

Contact name:Alice Lee

OK3D International Group Limited

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OK3D International Group Limited


Founded in 1992, we are specializing in the 3d software development with 3d photo design and inkjet printing,3d lenticular offset printing or 3d lenticular lens sheet. OK3D have opened up Chinese market for twentity-six years. As the top one in the 3D fied,with the development and innovation of 3D industry.Our enterprises have obtained many record of the first in China -- China’s first 3D lenticular mold development, China’s first 3D design software development, China’s first self-developed software market share reached 95%. These brilliant records from a microcosmic aspect of the Chinese reform and opening up the charm, also highlights the OK3D in China ’s sincere commitment. This faith in the last 1 / 5 of a century, in any foreign interference always firm.At present, we have won much trust from the clients all over the world, while, holding the balance and take on the sway in the field of 3D printing.

About 3D design software:We have perfect 3d solution in high accuracy output and large format output,output accuracy can reach 9600DPI,output size can reach 5M*5M,output speed is quite fast.95% used buy 3D design software from us.

About 3D printing products:That can be mainly divided into six parts:the stationery class product,Cards,Commercial advertisement,Daily Products,Packaging,Craft picture.Any flat picture we can conversion into 3d picture through own effect software.finaly,it will display perfectly stereoscopic effect.

About Lenticular sheet:We have different lpi lenticular for your Choice.also it can be customized as per your requirement,including size ,thickness,lpi nad color. We adopt first class eco-friendly material and top technological to produce perfect products.

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http://www.3d-lenticular-print.com   E-mail:alice@ok3d.com

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Company Name: OK3D International Group Limited
City: shenzhen
Province: guangdong
Country: china
Address: Room 1703, D3-4, Nanjing Building,Minzhi Avenue,Bao'an District,Shenzhen,CN