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Featured Cotton Poly Fabric Products: Velveteen, Poplin, knitted fabrics Velour and more.
Velveteen, the cotton version of velvet. A soft smooth fabric with short cropped pile, very durable and dyes like a dream. Available in cotton, cotton/rayon, cotton/poly, cotton...
[Last Updated : 2017-09-27]
Poplin, a heavy, durable fabric that has a ribbed appearance. It is made with cotton, poly/cotton blended. The ribs run across the fabrics from selvage to selvage. Usage: garments, ...
[Last Updated : 2017-09-27]
Velour a knitted pile fabrics that combine the stretchy properties of knits such as spandex with the rich appearance and feel of velvet. Used in dancewear, casual clothing, curtain...
[Last Updated : 2017-09-27]
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